Yuzu puer tea (part 2) : the results ta ta da…

Voila !
Don’t you remember ? I had filled my yuzu citrus with tea :

yuzu puer cha

Now, the fruit peel is dried and hard, and the tea naturally perfumed. So that works. Just be patient, count one month. You can make yours with your favorite citrus peel.

The coloration is not uniform, not totally black, but well compared with the raw fruit…

How to use :
Break some bits of skin, put them in the teapot with some of the tea inside. Rinse very brief with hot water, pour some more to brew. Serve. Later, brew again 2 or 3 times.

Yellow like yuzu : Yuzu puer cha

A fruity flavored tea. That’s an old tradition in China to age Puerh tea inside a citrus. You can buy them in China or in Chinese tea stores :

yuzu puer source


Or make yourself ? I don’t know. That’s an experiment.

I’ve filled the skin of a yuzu citrus (after using the juice) with…

…loose leaf Puer Cha, Chinese fermented tea.

And turned it. Let’s wait. I’ll show you later !