Green fish curry and greenhouse mikan

A very quickly prepared green meal round an arrange Thai green curry and the season’s megastar fruit.

I use commercial curry paste, I’ve added coconut cream, nam pla, brown sugar, bay leaves, cardamom and what is listed.

Sides, a few edamame and green mikan mandarin oranges.

A quick bread with fennel seeds.

Green mikan, more precisely greenhouse mikan. The Japanese mandarin oranges, the mikan are riped in Winter. These are grown in greenhouses so they can be ready from the end of Summer. They are not too young. But they are more acidic. It’s very refreshing.

Another great meal in my stomach…

Bourride de limande et hamaguri

Let’s go to Provence with a bourride.

That’s the yellow cousin of bouillabaisse.

The particularity is it is flavored and served with aïoli sauce.

Filets of flounder, marinating with green yuzu lime…

The big pot.

First a plate of soup.

Then vegetables and shellfish (hamaguri, orient clams).

And the flounder fish (limande).

Some more aïoli.

Sole au vert – Sansho hirame

The fish was cooked with oil in non-stick frying pan. Then on the plate, I poured a little fragrant sesame oil and lots of dried green sansho peppercorn.
Sansho has a refreshing lemony flavor that bite the tongue.

That was the moment to finish all my green stuff in the fridge : broccoli stalks, parsley, spinach, enoki mushrooms. Steamed in the same pan.