A whirlpool of black sesame steamed crepes…

Purple lunch. Nutty small steamed crepes and huge beans.

Actually they are more like tortilla or Chinese chunbing.
Recipe :
I mixed a cup of flour, 2 tbs of nuka (rice brans), 2 tbs of black tahini (pasted black sesame), a little salt, hot water. Kneaded a little. Formed those rounds. And I cooked them in frying pan (with a lid and humidity).

Garlic veggie mix (zucchini, bell pepper, fava beans) from frozen vegetables.

Spicy hanamame big beans.

Nachos, veg’ melt dip and some coconut.

Let’s have a few hot nachos as appetizers…

… and a big meal, very fusion, totally vegan, centered on this coco-nutty veggies.

The nachos… I’ve toasted a tortilla and cut. Roughly. It’s wheat, no oil, so are they still nachos ? Anyway they were very crispy and tasty.

The melt dip is silky tofu, salt, (alimentary) beer yeast, turmeric, paprika, blended, reheated. With chili powder.

The main dish. Romaine salad in coconut milk stir-fry. With azuki red beans, broad beans, daikon radish, onion garlic. Spiced with salt, cumin, chili and black pepper. Mmm…

Home-made wheat wrap.

Left-over of wax squash and carrot in soy sauce.

Dessert : cabello de ángel (click here) with a marasquino.

Casual wrapper (my quick tortillas)

A tortilla, a filling, a sauce… the Mexican universal sandwich. That’s an easy meal, no ?

Carrot-hummus (dinner)

Bean mix, Chinese style (lunch)

wrapatouilles (buckwheat tortilla, ratatouille)

Chinese osmanthus pork

seafood veggie tortilla

egg on green ful, crispy version

crispy, green ful, veggie-olive mix


I could buy my tortilla. I did (the veggie ones are bought). That’s not common in Japan. Maybe out of 100 grocery stores, 1 have them, so after all… But well, either it’s a frozen pack of 30 (just enough for a snack, if you eat a lot), or only 4 for the same price, super-packaged, loaded with preservatives, etc. That seemed complicated to make, and the bought ones were not bad.
Then I tried to make mines. Oh my ! That’s so simple, and for me, they taste so much better : fresher, with tastier ingredients.

DIY wheat tortilla

-1/4 cup flour + 1 tbs oil/lard + just enough hot water
(spices or others are optional : today’s 1 tbs of rice bran + 1 ts paprika)
-Make a dry dough. Drop it roughly on your counter a number of times. Form 2 balls (ping-pong size). Roll 2 circles.
-Cook in a flat frying pan (non oiled)

2 ways :

To get them soft : with a lid, slow cooking, low heat, and I spritz water 1 or 2 times when I turn them. Reheat in steamer/microwave.
To get them crispy : no lid, high heat (them moderate), cook quickly, check often as you may burn them. Reheat in oven-toaster.

Lunch :
Bean mix + whites of negi leeks + tobanjan Chinese chili sauce

bean mix recipe

That’s a wrap !

Dinner :
Grated carrots.
Hand-pasted hummus (chunky) with tahini, garlic and Louisiana chili.
Negi leeks.