Pizza concours… I want some !

Deep dish pizza

Pizza compilation updated (N.B. : click on the text, not on the photos) :

brown natto rice pizza (gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy free)

left-over pizza

Deep dish Hawaiian pizza

kabocha pizza (vegetarian)

mizuna night pizza (dairy free)

grilled veggie pizza (vegan)

sakekasu spinach pide, Turkish pizza (vegan)

la Verdi (4 seasons) (vegan)

maku-no-uchi herb and veggies pizza (vegetarian)

Classic pizza :

Mushroom pizza

La pizza !

Envie de pizza

Focaccia :

Rosemary focaccia (vegan)

Fougasse jaune (vegan)

Fougasse verte (vegan)

French “pizzas” :

Pissaladiere blanche 2.0
(dairy free)
Pissaladiere rouge (pichade) 2.1 (dairy free)

Pissaladiere rouge (dairy free)

Pissaladiere classique (dairy free)

Flamme (flammekuechen)

Flamme a la pomme (apple)

Special “pizzas” :

Gritzza (cornmeal crust) (vegan, gluten free)

Sweet corn pizza (vegetarian)

Aubergine chick pea pizza (vegan)

La guacazza (vegan)

(older post)
The Foodbuzz pizza challenge is a torture… I want some, I want some, they all look so yummy.
So yes, I don’t compete, but I had a pizza lunch… Pizza ordinaria. Normal. No fuss. Sourdough bread dough.

Veggie-veggie (vegan)

Full veggies, herbs, capers, olive oil…

Schlurp…. That was good. You know what ? I want a second one.

Garlicky cream (vegetarian)
Garlic stalk, parsley, cream cheese, paprika, olive oil…

Miam ! I could eat several more, but that’s not reasonable. See :

The 2 :
Cal 798.2 F30.5g C111.6g P23.3g