Tartine de printemps (country bread fresh sands)


Bake a nice bread loaf, and enjoy a a simple but delicious fresh lunch…


Still too hot to be cut ! Pain de campagne au seigle. A French country bread with rye flour.


The fromage frais (fresh cheese) is home-made. The new onions have been salted, let a while and rinsed, so they are still crunchy but have lost all harsh after-taste. The favas (broad beans) make the Spring.


Fromage de tofu and tagliatelle

Another vegetarian one-plate lunch…

Fromage de tofu, a cheeze made of tofu. I think the word fromage works even without dairy as it meant giving ” form” , shaping the curds. I took the recipe from : tofu chevre and slightly changed.

The tofu was squeeze out of it water. I mixed all these ingredients and a tbs of rice vinegar.

Wrapped and let one night in the fridge, so it took the shape.

Baked. Verdict ? Average. I really loved the texture, but I had not put enough flavoring. I should make it again stronger.

Home-made egg tagliatelle.

With tomato sauce and rosemary.

Veggies : grated cabbage, carrot and shishito peppers.

The quick baker’s compil’


Grits’in corn bread

Fava beans and pesto cakes
Pounti (herb and prune peasant cake)
Express sesame buns
Cake salé au fromage et aux piments jalapeños


Mikan orange cake

Quatre-Quarts, the simple butter cake
Saint-Nicolas Nonnettes (mikan stuffed ginger bread muffins)
Banana breads with nuts
Gâteau au pamplemousse – Grapefruit cake
“Hattaiko flour” cake
Millas (raisin corn bread)
Softy apple banana muffins (not on the photo)

And (click here) many variations of ok’cakes (soy fiber okara cakes).

Let’s finish with the lemony buckwheat soda bread (special post here).

Raw white feeling…

White filling is : cream cheese and yogurt, with walnut, raisin, dry currants, chili pepper, 4 pepper mix.
It’s fresh, sweet and spicy… Very pleasant to eat when weather is hot.

In bell peppers. A few flaxseeds. With a few mini-tomatoes.
“Fans” of daikon radish, and celery leaves.

It’s a little fat. If that a problem for your diet, you can use more yogurt (less cheese) and less nuts. I open an salt slightly the pepper bells, and let them 30 minutes. Then I rince them.

Cal 418.8 F26.6g C37.6g P16.9g

Fr : Poivrons (degorges au sel) remplis d’un melange de fromage “st moret”, yahourt, raisins et cassis seches, melange de poivres et piments. Eventails de radis daikon, et feuilles de celeri.

Recycling old cheese – Avec un vieux fromage

Le peit bout d’etiquette rouge indique que ce “Roucoulons” etait solde a 50% d’hors de prix. Il est tout petit, le prix initial etait bien exagere. Il est bien fait, c’est pour ca qu’on le brade. Mais pas assez moelleux. Decevant. C’est juste bien pour gratiner une soupe de flocons d’avoine…

Cal 245.8 F12.5g C27.8g P10.6g