Sestubun : Oni hunt is opened. Don’t count your daizu before they are hatched. (via GiO)

Be prepared. It’s a busy week for foodies in Osaka. Tomorrow crepe days. And the day after Setsubun Japanese Spring Day. This year, Setsubun (the bean nd giant maki day) is February 3rd, and Rishun the rise of Spring is February 4th.

These ugly oni invaded this blog (and all Japan)…let’s fight them with BEANS !

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And horoscope sushi :

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Cosy sushi, many ways

Are not visitors disappointed ? A food blog from Osaka with so few sushi… It’s Japan, so we are supposed to eat some at every meal.
That’s not really the case, but we have some. I don’t try to replicate the restaurant style, but anyway what we are proposed here tends to differ from the horr… , I mean, the offer, in the West. There are many regional variations. I try to prepare the original home-made ones…

Definition : vinegared rice, with toppings.

If there is no rice or nor no vinegar (citrus juice/fermented sake), it is not a sushi. Consider using another name. Well, the concept is large enough to play around with shapes and toppings.

Personal opinion : what makes a good sushi, is :

ONE : the rice, quality (Japonica or Arborio, which is a Japonica anyway) and good preparation.
TWO : there should be a way to distinguish a sushi and a hamburger (I mean no ketchup, no cheese, no fries…)

Enjoy the visit…

Osaka sushi
They are the oldest style, before the custom of eating raw fish.

shime-saba and unagi
chakin sushi (egg wrapped)
meharizushi (leaf wrapped)

Edo-mae (“standard”)
Tokyo-style.The classic, famous around the world.

nigiri (hand-shaped)
gunkan-maki (war boats)
hosomaki (thin rolls)

Display sushi, not shaped, served in a wide dish for many guests.

yuzu chirashi (with tuna) yuzu chirashi (with goya)
radish chirashi
natsu chirashi (Summer style)
panda style
rose sushi

Different techniques :

Oshizushi. Pressed in a box, like those of Osaka
inari-zushi (tofu pockets)
Aburi-zushi (flamed)


The big rolls…

hatsuga genmai healthy salmon sushi
ehomaki (horoscope sushi)
rolling a makizushi

Fancy :

mini-cup sushi
chicken chirashi
egg sushi in a verrine


Happy maki day ! Setsubun makizushi

Eating maki-zushi on Setsubun day is a popular Japanese tradition.
Setsubun is the start of Spring in old Japanese calendar. Throwing mame (beans) to bring luck is another tradition of the day.

They are futo-maki, big fat rolls richly filled… The Spring roll is symbol of fertility.

Sushi rice. Yes, mine is not white due to black rice vinegar.

Nori seaweed.

Gu (fillings).

Roll. If you don’t own a makisu mat, it’s terrible ? Nope, when I don’t find mine, I use any thick towel or a piece of flexible plastic (of plastic table cloth). That’s the same.

Cut. Serve as usual with soy sauce, grated wasabi, pickled ginger, green tea.