Desserts de France…


Les crêpes !
Crêpes Suzette mandarineCrêpes boisettes (berry) Crêpes little sunCrêpes soufflées tropicales

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Noël et Rois (Xmas and Kings) :
Pompe à l’huile (sweet fougasse)Nonnettes (fluffy gingerbread)Flocon de neige (snowflake cake)Nougat glacé (honey ice-cream) Galette des Rois (Kings’ cake)Galette des Rois au chocolat

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Les fruits !
Poire pochée au chocolat Baked pineappleFruity papilloteTartelette aux figuesPomme lampion (baked apple) Crémet aux fruits rouges


Classiques :
GénoiseCygne et choux (cream puffs and swan) MillefeuilleTarte au chocolat Religieuse (cream puff “nun”)


Regions :
Brioche de Pâques (Easter bread, Provence)Gâteau de Metz (retro chocolate cake, Lorraine)Croustade or Pastis aux pommes (apple pie, Gascogne) Millas (corn and pumpkin, South-West) Farz fourn (butter cake, Bretagne)


Coffee sunglassesGâteau truffe aux kumquatsWhite chocolate cinnamon apple cake Raspeberry choco-carob cake

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Pets de nonne (‘farting nun’ carnival donuts)Mango coco millefeuilleStar anise mandarin chocolate tarte Crémet in mint sauceGâteau de la bergère (Shepherd’s cake made with potato) Petits flans a la betterave (sweet beetroot puddings)

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Galette des noix. My pie is a nutcase.

You knew French 3 Kings’ cake, la galette des rois . Here it’s the galette des… noix. Noix are nuts. It went a little crazy.

It was going to look like that. Something like this :

galette des rois au chocolat

But it would be filled with a classic crème d’amande. It became that :


It’s made like a crème d’amande but…

It’s a crème with two nuts, cashew nuts and a few walnuts. Both are infinitely cheaper than almonds, and just as good.

Then… a mistake : not waiting enough to chill the filling. Bref, the crème was runny, no way to properly seal the pie.

Then… oops, the fève (token) is not inside : forgot it !
Bref, that was too late.

Then… the pie burst in the oven.
Bref, some filling leaked.

Then… the runaway filling fell in the bottom of the oven, burnt and made tons of smoke, the cooking sheet started burning.
Bref, the whole city of Osaka was totally burnt.

Then… the pie was not burnt at all.
Bref, the monster survived the tragedy and came to scare guests on the table.

Then…1/3 of the pie wedges had no filling ! And no king, no queen, no quiing, this year.
Bref, we are all losers (yes, everybody picked one of the damned wedges).

Then… we’ve eaten the good wedges after that.
Bref, we’ll be super-fatty losers.

Besides, for 2/3 of it : it’s perfect. Great fun, great dessert.

Simplest and laziest galette des rois au chocolat

Belated due to technical hiccups… I had to eat 3 such galettes to post one, but I’m really devoted. Or too gourmande. I couldn’t resist. So here is a 2013 vintage galette des rois (French kings’ cake for “King’s day” on January 6th). It’s filled with chocolate.

That’s far from the classic one with butter pastry like here. It takes 10 minutes to prepare, and it’s quite healthy, dairy free, vegan. But it does taste decadent, don’t worry.

Just mix boiled azuki, sugar and cocoa.

No puff pastry, but quick and crispy pastry : about 1 cup of flour, baking powder, kurozato (black sugar) to taste, a little turmeric for gold reflects, 3 tbs of olive oil. Then add just enough hot water to get a very soft dough.
Don’t forget to hide a fève (token) in the filling.

Paint with oil, bake gently, caramelize the top.

Serve warm. Cut. Ask the youngest person to dispatch the wedges. The one that finds the token is a king or a queen for a year. He or she will have to pay next year’s galette.

Galette des rois aux 8 trésors – 8 treasures in kings’ pie (via GiO)

French Kings day is today. But many people will celebrate next Sunday.
Do you remember this galette :

My galette contains 8 good surprises. The little monkey is la fève, the token…

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Galette des rois aux 8 trésors – 8 treasures in kings’ pie

For the jour des rois, the day of the Kings, the French custom is to share a galette pie with family, or any group of friends, coworkers, student. A token is hidden inside. The person finding it will the King for a year. King of what ? Er… you have 12 months to find. There are several recipes of galettes des rois, but the pie filled with almond cream/custard is a popular classic. In the recent years, many variations have appeared.
I followed (roughly) the recipe from the blog la cocina de Carolina with a sweet potato basis.
Here you see a coconut one that I found tempting, chez les deux gourmands. That was hard to make a choice, but I had most ingredients for the 1st one in my closet.

My galette contains 8 good surprises. The little monkey is la fève, the token. Fève means fava bean (broad bean) because the original simple version was simply a dry fava bean. Now there are beautiful decorated fèves.


The base is sweet potato. About a pound. I boiled big junks in the microwave, then mashed the flesh into a purée to which I added a good chunk of unsalted butter, an egg yolk, very little sugar.

Kumquats, marrons glacés, chips of black chocolate (100%).

White chocolate, sliced almonds, dry cranberries.

I peeled the kumquat and cut the skin in julienne.

The cranberries are rehydrated in kirsch (cherry liquor). I added them to the potato purée, as well as the other ingredients.

The paste is used to fill 2 circles of home-made feuilletage pie dough.

After being baked (about 40 minutes at 180 degree Celsius) :

No better photos of the whole pie. I took to the place of friends where it was reheated, served hot.

Of course, the little guy is hidden somewhere inside…