Too simple. Spicy carrot tea sandwiches.


A yummy snack, so easy. Er… there is a way to fail.


Mix sake kasu (sake lees), miso, a little water, cook in microwave. Let cool.
Shred carrots, mix them with a little salt and good garam masala Indian spice mix.
Slice bread. Spread half of the sauce on it, add the rest to carrots.


Garnish the bread with carrot.


On a board, cut perfect bars of sandwich.




Yes, they are “dirty” too. Bah, they were still delicious. I’ll do them differently next time, surely I’ll cut the bread first.


Spicy chick peas and water morning glory sprouts

Another delicious and simple plant based lunch with hot spices.

I stir-fried this mirepoix with ajowan and mustard seeds.

I’ve added these soaked and boiled chick peas. And powdered curry spices.

Then on top some salt, chili powder and garam masala spice mix.

Kushinsai, water morning glory. Here, it’s the sprouted version.

Steamed only one minute.

The plate ! Mmmm…

Dark green curry with bean balls and hana mame

A green curry soup garnished with big and small tasty bites…
Made on the model of Indian spinach curry, but using komatsuna greens, it’s quick to prepare, and deliciously spicy.

Made some more black soy bean balls (like here), fried some onions, reheated the balls, some big beans (hana mame), then added the liquid mixed in the blender :
-lots of komatsuna greens, a few slices chunks of green lemon, a 1 tbs of Japanese curry spices, turmeric, black pepper, 1 tbs of potato starch and salt.

Garnished with green and red togarashi chili pepper, wedges of lemon and some garam masala powder on the balls.

I had a kaki persimmon for dessert.

Zuke-noodles with masala sauce

An easy to eat plant based noddle dish, for a lunch in *hell*. Oh, besides the humid heat, the weather is superb. So let’s invite Indian spices to the table.

These are the beasts, zucchini. I grated them into noodles.

That’s the yield for one zucchini. I didn’t use the second.

I don’t like them raw, so I steamed them a little. I ate them half-raw. Sprinkled turmeric, added a few peanuts.

The sauce is made of kintoki red beans, their broth, ground sesame, tomato paste, fish sauce and lots of garam masala Indian spice mix.

The side is tofu, kimchi, aonori seaweeds.

So not much sweat require to prepare this. It was served at room temperature. Mmmm… I feel courage to face the heat now. Let’s do a siesta.

Spicing up the Chuka standards, mabo tofu and yakisoba

Chuka, is Chinese cuisine in Japan. These 2 dishes are so boringly classic that you always want to make variations.
Beware : it’s hot today ! On the table too.

Momen tofu, cotton tofu. It’s squeezed in cotton. The mark of the fabric is visible. It’s a firm tofu. I just let it on a plate and excess water goes out (it’s possible to add a second plate + something heavy on top).

That’s a new variation of mabo tofu.
-garlic, onions, Chinese miso, chili pepper. Stir-fried.
-plus tomato paste and cooked kabocha skin. Simmered.
-plus a garam masala mix of Indian spices
-plus the water squeezed tofu

It has a Singapore curry taste. That must be the effect of black beans from miso combined with Indian spices.

home-made eggs noodles

A shahan, fried noodles. Very simple : oil, garlic, lettuce, soy sauce. Toppings are negi and shichimi togarashi (7 spice mix) plus a few drops of fragrant sesame oil.
PLUS ichimi togarashi (=pure hot chili flakes).
The truth is I’ve confused the pure chili and the mix.

So, I’ve ended with 2 very spicy dishes. And I’ve love them to the point of licking the chopsticks.