Curried chick pea dosa, with coconut gravy


An Indian brunch maybe not so Indian… Well, dosa is the pancake from India, but this recipe has traveled via Canada, it seems.


This month is a retro challenge, as we had to pick an older one we had not done yet, so mt choice was September 2009’s Indian Dosas (Vegan Style) :
Recipe here.


The 3 elements : curried chick peas and veggies, dosa crepes and the coconut sauce.


The curried chick peas with shishito peppers and kabocha pumpkin.


The coconut gravy with a shishito pepper and a little bit of habanero pepper.


I made the dosas with plain flour. Well, that’s easier and quicker, I prefer rice and lentil dosas :

red dosa
green dosa


Side veggies : goya bitter squash and cucumbers.


So let’s fill the crepes…


… pour the sauce and sprinkle coconut snow.


Bunny panisses


Panisses are chick pea based appetizers and street stall snacks from the South of France. They exist in different shapes but I guess the bunny style is rare. My recipe is also alternative. Normally you need chick pea flour that I didn’t have. So I found another way.


Soak a cup of dry chick peas. Put them in the blender with 2 tbs of olive oil. Add enough water to get a creamy sauce. Simmer on /medium low heat, stirring till you get a cooked thick paste. That takes 15 to 20 minutes. Add salt, and flavoring if you want. It has to be well dried.


Spread on cooking paper. Let cool. Put one hour or more in the fridge.


Cut and fry or stir-fry in olive oil.


Serve hot, with salt or a sauce of your choice.


Harissa for instance.


I joined white cucumbers and basil leaves. These are fried garlic chips. I fried them as I was testing my oil heat.


I also fried the cut out bits. I flavored them with that toppings.


Both were yummy.


Purple falafels


Colorful falafels and a creamy sour sauce today…
Quick and fun.


Yes, red cabbage brings the color.


I blended the cabbage, then added the soaked chick peas, some onion, cardamome seeds and ajowan (a little), salt.


They become pink in the pan…


The sauce is soy yogurt, with lemon juice, coriander seed, salt and pepper.


Mmm, purple pillows…


Puffed bread and falafels

Let’s eat in Middle-East in the middle of my kitchen… Falafels and bubbles of bread.

A batter of overnight soaked chick peas, plus garlic, chili, coriander seed, negi leeks.

Then I pan-fried them in olive oil.

And I baked those flat … well fluffed breads.
pita recipe

My greens : stir-fried okra and cabbage. Some red salsa.

My lunch tray is ready ! Yummy !

Fish tacos with DIY corn tortilla

Taco lunch ! Arriba ! Nobody says that ? Pues, caramba ! Even less… I used to speak Spanish well.

The market’s basket. It’s chili and peppers season.

My yellow tortillas… I mixed flour and polenta (grits), olive oil, water and salt. I rolled 2 crepes and steamed them. Then toasted in the toaster. They taste good, a great roast corn flavor.
Now the shape and solidity are not like those you can buy. As you see, they are flat, no folding in 2. If you insist, they break and you get 2 half-circles. There is a trick. Fill them and take photos. The filling will soften the fold line and as you can see at the end I get them folded.

Hot ingredients : Fish (flounder) stir-fried in olive oil with coriander seeds, black pepper, paprika. Stir-fried red onions. Shishito green peppers roast in the oven toaster,

Crudités : cukes, yellow paprika, togarashi peppers.

Filled !

With a side of mix beans (edamame, garbanzo, black beans, favas) in sweet chili and cumin sauce with toasted sesame.