Nonnettes et flocons de neige, fluffy December sweets

Double dessert, but so light that they could fly…

Plain nonnettes, the soft ginger bread. (recipe here).
These are not filled, only glazed in a syrup of kurozato black sugar.

Mini Flockensahne tortes, topped with sesame seed streusel. It’s light low-fat plant based cream and vanilla for the whip.

2011 big hits and correcting a mistake…Flockensahne cake

Last post of 2011
Surprise ! Surprise !
You know what I post, but do you know what people read on this blog ?

Well the most popular thing seems to be :
desserts français

And you wonder which dessert ? You want to know the most searched delicacy that brings people on this blog.

Number 1 :
-Flockensahne cake

In a way I’m glad that so many people loved it, but I feel bad as I didn’t even give that recipe of this major French classic. Grrrr…. You wanted it ? Wait a few minutes.

And then ?
-La creme Mont-Blanc

And you like chocolate a lot.
Particularly :
Guilt free chocolate cake

You guys eat only sweets, don’t you ? Even Japanese ones wagashi.
-Tamago-chan, cute egg

There are a few elitist readers that eat before their dessert.
They like the cuisine française. Good to read. Like what ? Oh, c’est de la grande cuisine :
-omelette baveuse

There are fans of Japanese cuisine :

-negiyaki (green okonomiyaki)

An unexpected guest :

Shan yellow tofu

Gateau flocon de neige – Flocken Sahne Torte

It’s just a cream puff… with some Bauhaus style structure.

Flat puffs (for 3 servings like on the photo) :
-In a pan, melt 1 tbs of butter. Add 1/2 cup of boiling water. Mix well. Add in one time 4 big tbs of flour. Start stirring with a wooden spoon.
-Cook and stir on low heat till the dough gets compact (1st photo).
-Beat 1 egg. Add the half of it, mix well. Add in the second half. Stir till you get a smooth and elastic dough.
-Make 3 similar circles (any shape) of 2 millimeters of thickness on baking paper or in pie trays.
-Bake 10 minutes at 180 C. Then sprinkle confectioner’s sugar. Bake 2~3 more minutes in the higher part of oven, till the crust is golden.

Architecture :
-Whip 1 cup of cream (if you want it firmer than on this photo use cream with a high content of fat, 30 to 40%), or use thick sour cream. Add a little Kirsch liquor and sugar to your taste. I add very little sugar in the cream.
-Place raspberries (or whatever, or nothing) on the first crust. Cover with cream. Add the second crust. Cream. The final crust.
-Sprinkle with a little Ceylon cinnamon, then with a lot of confectioner sugar.
-You can decorate with fruits or roast almond slices. You can put cream around and put almond slices and crust crumbs around (so you should bake one more).

Serving :
-I have no idea how that cake can be cut elegantly to be served. Cut before putting the cream. It tastes creat… no gream, well sehr gut eaten with fingers.

Not so insanely decadent…

Made in a few minutes. Take sheets they sell to make Chinese dumplings, top with very little almond powder and very little almond powder. Pass under the broiler… In between, 1 tbs of sour cream sweetened with natural faux-sugar rakanto.
Yes, it’s not big, 5 cm of diameter only…

Cal 68 F3.3g C8.7g P1.4g

If you want a Flockensahne Torte click here on text (not on image).
easy recipe of flockensahne cake (gateau flocon de neige)(click here).