Golden sweet potato waffles


Simple waffles with 2 yellow twists.


You can see these bits in them. They are cubes of baked sweet potato.


Kurikogane potato (more here)


The second ray of sunlight is a generous teaspoon of turmeric in the batter. Mix. Heat the waffle-maker. Cook. Prepare coffee.



Rye bread apple waffles

What’s better than a little waffle with your coffee ? This one is not exactly a Belgian waffle, but it’s yeast raised too. And it has apple in it.

That’s a combination of 2 leftovers :

Apples macerated in rum (from pastis).
And rye bread dough (from pain de campagne).

Let them rise.

Melt butter.

Sprinkle kurozato black sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon.


It’s bread inside. Crunchy around.

With bits of apple.

Carrot waffles with silky cream

A yummy vegan brunch. It’s very quick and easy to prepare and delicious.

Flour, baking powder, kurozato (black sugar), spices… the orange cream is a carrot mashed in the blender with coconut cream. I totally eyeball the quantities.

And I got those colorful waffles !

The cream is simple too : silky tofu (kinudofu), raisins, walnuts and some more kurozato. 30 seconds in the blender.


Azuki bean waffles

A waffle for protein refill. A fruit for the vitamins.
The weather is nice. Everything is perfect (or don’t tell me).

I added azuki beans and kurozato black sugar to the batter.

Very green tea. It’s sencha (leaves) with matcha (powdered tea).

Black sesame waffle and carob mousse

Two opposed textures and tastes. Crispy, nutty, salty. Silky, chocolatey, sweet.

Plus a few sour strawberries. All that is simple and quick to prepare. Just mix.

50/50 flour and ground black sesame seeds, a little baking powder, salt. water. Of course, cook that in a waffle-maker.
That gives a very nutty waffle.

Silky tofu, caroub , cinnamon, very little kurozato black sugar, a little water, in the blender.