Mango pudding. It has 3 colors, flavors, textures.

A pale yellow mousse, with mango flesh and coconut milk.

Bright yellow chunks of mango.

A white coconut cream and rum base.

Maybe you think it’s “l’agar du jour”. Wrong ! It’s gelatine based. Sometimes I run out of agar. Also it’s different. Meltier.

Home-made jade

This is edamame tofu fully made of edamame beans, which are fresh green soy beans.

The other ingredient is kudzu. It is the starch from a plant. It is sold in the form of a powder, in Japanese groceries and also in some Western health stores (and you will probably find it expensive). It is very close to arrow-root and can surely be substituted.

Recipe of edamame tofu

You can un-mold it or serve it in cups as you like. Un-molding works better with the version with agar or gelatine , but the version simple is more creamy.
Make your choice.

Version simple
edamame (weighted cooked and shelled) 120 g
kombu dashi 300 g (300 ml, 1.75 cup)
kudzu 20 g

Version +1
kudzu 15 g
gelatine 5 g

Version +2
kudzu 15 g
instant agar-agar powder 5 g

A -Rub the pods of edamame with coarse salt and rinse them. Boil them in their pods in slightly salty water. That takes 4~5 minutes till they get soft.

B-Blend together the shelled beans, the dashi and the kudzu powder. If you want a perfectly silky result sieve the liquid. Pour it in the sauce pan.
C-Heat on medium-low, while constantly stirring with a wooden spoon. After a few minutes, it thickens. Add in the gelatine if you use it. Stir well.
D- Pour in containers or molds. Let cool. Then put in the fridge a few hours.

Version +
-If you use gelatine, rehydrate it with a little dashi in a cup, add it to the beans after 1 minute.
-If you use agar-agar, add it to a little dashi in the sauce pan, bring to a boil, add the bean mix to it.

It can be served as a savory dish. Or as a sweet, as you will surely find the taste very sweet.

The jade aspect is beautiful. The texture is not like white tofu either.

Ideas to serve it : click here.

Mizu-yokan and nashi

The simple wagashi.

It is “mizu-yokan”, water-yokan. Yokan is the thick bean jam block. This is a lighter hot season version, that was often molded in bamboo stalks. It’s made of koshi-an (fine azuki bean paste, here sweetened with kuro mitsu), water and gelatine.
If you are vegetarian, you can replace the gelatine with agar-agar, but it won’t be melty.

This is a fancy version, with sticks of raw nashi pear.

Eating the mizu-yokan at twilight :

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