Sprouty rolled cabbage


Another fresh meal to celebrate pre-Spring… I am not a big fan of the longly cooked rolled cabbage that become nearly white. These just caramelised in the pan and kept their superb green and crunchiness.


I’m not sure about germinating azuki beans. That’s after one week and it seems that one day longer and they would…er… rot ? So I boiled them. That looked not as usual. Finally, they taste good. Maybe I did something wrong.
I also had fresh Spring cabbage.


The mix : half-mashed boiled germinated azuki, miso, garlic, ginger, a little potato starch, black pepper and a cut bunch of dill.
It’s rolled inside the outer cabbage leaves that Irinsed, steamed 1 minute, rinsed so they became flexible.
I cooked them a few minutes both side in olive oil.


Nothing special about the sauce, it’s vinegar, tomato sauce, dill and sweet chili sauce.


Yummy !


Whole hemp seed pain brioché

Not just bread. That’s like cake. Pain brioché.
There are no eggs and no butter in it, but you’d swear the contrary. It’s a variation of :

Sprouted hemp seed bread (click here for recipe)

I have added kurozato (black sugar) and blueberries into the dough after first rise.

Then second rise in the molds, more kurozato on top.

Mmmm… caramelised top.

Melty blueberries. It’s delicious served hot, with coffee. Next time, I’ll made it muffin shaped.

Sprouted hemp seed bread, improved version

That’s a HUGE HUGE progress from my hemp seed soda bread, version beta (click here) :

The color is very different but it’s made with roughly the same ingredients. I eyeballed the flour, but I’ve used 1 cup of raw hemp seeds and in both cases mixed with about 3 cups of flour (AP, I make my mix).

The issue was the bits of bran still hard under the teeth. I had soaked the seeds only one day.

I have soaked the seeds much longer. 3 days. And I obtained germinated hemp seeds. 


Mixed in yeasted bread dough. Added flour to get a soft paste. I kneed it with a wooden spoon.

Low tide.

High tide.

In that kind of experiment, you never know what the bread will look like. The dough had already more than doubled of volume when I put them in the oven. But they might have expanded more.

Eh no, flat surface bread. But mmm… will do it again. Let’s soak the bird food.

GOHAN Japanese rice, A to Z


The most important ingredient of Japanese cuisine is rice. Japanese rice are of the japonica style, they are round and firm. Outside Japan, you can get some sushi rice, or Italian arborio that are of japanica cultivar too. Sticky rice is a different type, it’s called mochigome in Japanese. Rice has different names in Japanese. Kome, okome, the plant. Gohan, meshi when it’s cooked…

how to cook Japanese rice (without a rice cooker)
genmai brown rice(healthier)
sticky rice

The bowl of unsalted, unflavored but perfectly cooked hot white rice is often present on the the table.
But, you have many variations.

The rice “sandwich”. Shape hot rice in your hands.

yaki onigiri (grilled)


Rice bowls : fill half of a big bowl with hot rice, add some toppings.

gyudon (beef)
tendon (tempura)
oyakodon (mama-baby, chicken egg)
soboro (sloppy joe domburi)
eight treasures

takikomi gohan

Flavored rice dishes. Ingredients are added in the rice-cooker. There are millions of possibilities. A few classics :

chicken rice
kaibashira (scallop)rice
oyster rice

sekihan (red rice)
mame gohan (green peas)
kuri gohan (chestnut)


Click here to go to the sushi compilation

Fill a part of your lunch box with rice.

midori okowa
chirashi bento
Unaju (eel)

Stir-fry your rice leftover :

nira fried rice
buta-kimchi rice (pork)
soba meshi (with noodles)

More elaborated dishes :

omurice (omelet filled with rice)
doria (retro baked rice)


Rice porridge, often a breakfast.

nanakusa okayu (7 herbs)
red okayu

More ?
Also see mochi (rice paste), and wagashi (Japanese sweets)

Hatsuga Genmai (germinated rice) (via Gourmande in Osaka)

Last year

Hatsuga Genmai (germinated rice) This is called "hatsuga genmai" in Japanese, literally "whole rice with a start of germination" and that's the healthiest way to prepare our rice. The taste is slightly closer to white rice than to brown rice. Why ? The common white rice is mostly starch. Certain white rices still contain their germs, it has more nutrients and elements. Brown rice still has a skin rich in fibers. "hatsuga genmai" has all of that and a very increased level of GABA … Read More

via Gourmande in Osaka