Fish, pumpkin and cornichon soup


A colorful fish soup that makes a whole meal. Freely inspired by Slavic gherkin soups. It’s quick and easy.


Suguna kabocha pumpkin. I boiled the pieces in water till soft.


The head of tai (sea bream). Fish head is cheap, flavorful and there is plenty to eat. It’s ideal for a soup.


Cornichons à l’estragon.
Gherkins with tarragon. I made when ? Last May :

DSC02761-001 cornichons


I thinly sliced them.


Put the fish in the pot, add half of the gherkins, the kabocha and cooking broth. Simmer 20 minutes.


Near the end, take out 1/2 cup of broth, add cream, salt, pepper, fresh thyme, the rest of pickles. On the table, mix into the soup, put back the lid and wait a few minutes.


Serve with croutons.


Open and enjoy while it’s hot.


Dinner with Moricette

My home’s traditional fast-food ? The moricette sandwich.

So tonight’s guests are grain moricette breads, sesame and poppy seeds…

But we don’t invite this one, too salty. The problem of this meal is the salt. I tried to minimize. The grain ones are low-salt.

Bretzelling (on line soon)

Quick kyuri cucumber pickles, in tarragon wine vinegar with a little sugar. No salt.

Charcuterie : ham, salami…

..mimiga. It’s made of pig ears, Okinawan style. Well, they are a bit weird here. You can’t see that, but they are flavored with some fragrant citrus.

Sands can be made with ham or sausage, pickle and mustard. The cabbage (not seasoned) bring refreshing crispiness.

Eating 3 moricettes :

Cal 602 F20.1g C77.5g P30.2g