Black beans, Korean wind

Another nutritive and easy plant based lunch, warmed up by Korean condiments.

Season plant : mini-daikon. I briefly steam them.

I’ve boiled 500 g of kuromame black soy beans. I have a stock for New Year. And some more.

I just added stuff around.

Gim. Korean nori. Sheets of seaweed. The weeds are small leaves in the water, they become small flakes. They are cooked into sheets on a hot plate.

Korean make them less smooth than the Japanese ones, and usually more flavored. That seems more labor intensive as you can’t just press the sheet. But I’ve not seen those being made.

Kimchi, of course. And a mikan mandarin orange for dessert.

Eringi spaghetti, stir-fry mode

Eringi (pleurotes) mushroom looking over spaghetti.
Mushrooms are said to have purifying powers. It’s surely good to a lot to offset the holiday treats.

The rule of the stir-fry game is to heat oil and throw in all your leftover items cut in small bits. So green hot chili, garlic, onion, red cabbage, broccoli stalk, and eringi mushroom. A little soy sauce. The spaghetti boiled till 2 minutes before the al-denteness.

A special topping. I was given gim 김 (nori seaweed) as a souvenir from Seoul. Thanks !

We have some in Japan, but in Korea it’s different, a traditional specialty.
It’s flavored with soy sauce, sesame oil, chili, and roasted. It’s a topping for rice… or spaghetti.

Cal 462.2 F6.8g C90.7g P18.4g