Avec des kneppes

These USPO (unidentified shape pasta objects) are kneppes (some say kneffes, kneppfle, knodels, gnocchi…). They are one of the preferred veggies in Lorraine, perfect to go with a dish in sauce.

For another way to serve them, click here : kneppes aux croutons

That’s just about dropping pasta dough in water, then refrying…
Do you want grandma’s recipe ? What recipe ? Seriously, she’d say “Let’s make the kneppes…” and just mixed stuff. That’s easy. In mines, I put flour, egg, water, that’s sure. Then either cream, butter and milk, or a leftover of mashed potatoes. Today that was a tbs of cream cheese. A little nutmeg and black pepper.

Then serve with a dish in sauce.

I made a stir-fry with chicken gizzards.

The sauce is oyster sauce based.

A big mizuna salad.

Stir giz’ with celery

Anything can make a stir-fried. Even chicken gizzards, you just have to slice them no thicker than 2 millimeter so they can cook evenly…

With onion, garlic, ginger, bell peppers, oyster sauce… and then lots of crunchy celery stalks, plus at the end celery leaves.

Colorful !

Pomelo for dessert.

That’s a wrap : tokkpokki and yakitori

The Korean rice pasta and the Japanese bird skewer…

The tokk rice cake for tokkpokki 떡볶이 look like small candles. These cousins of Japanese mochi are made differently. They don’t melt. It’s common to see them cooked in kochijan (gochujang) sauce in Korean street stalls.

I added a few veggies, that I stir-fried.

Add the tokk, a little gochujang, water, simmer till the “candles” are soft.

Chicken gizzard.

It’s not usual to serve these 2 dishes together of course… and I am not sure many people wrap their tokkpokki.
Japanese yakitori specialty shops are usually bars, and the chicken skewers, served in tapa size are 95% of their menu. I say that because my family in France often goes to a “Japanese” place that serves them a lunch menu with a first dish of sushi, a second of yakitori (of beef, veal, veggies, cheese…) and a dessert plus coffee… not a plausible meal in Osaka. “tori” = bird, so there can’t be a “beef yakitori” by definition. The variation skewers are fined in other types of restaurants (kushi-katsu for fried, izakaya for anything that exist.
Japanese yakitori bars still have a long menu, they prepare all parts of the bird, mostly in 2 main styles shio-yaki (just salted like here) or lacquered by a sauce.
I have one item tonight at Gourmande Yakitori… That’s a start.

A few leaves of that Korean long leave lettuce… and I can wrap :

Cal 626.3 F11.0g C96.2g P46.1g

Korean Gourmande (photo compilation of my Korean posts)