Poteto sobagaki, Japanese gnocchi


This is second hybrid of potato gnocchi. These time I combined it with sobagaki, a traditional Japanese dish made of buckwheat.


Cooking the sobagaki (read here).


I’ve combined mashed potato and sobagaki.


Forming gnocchi.


Boiling them very quickly, just to warm them up before serving… otherwise they melt into the water.


Anerigoma ( tahini , sesame paste) and sudachi citrus juice sauce.



Gnocchi x gnocchi


Gnocchi di patata ? Gnocchi di polenta ?


That’s the Daring Cook’s challenge of this month : potato gnocchi.

Todd, who is The Daring Kitchen’s AWESOME webmaster and an amazing cook, is our September Daring Cooks’ host! Todd challenged us to make light and fluffy potato Gnocchi and encouraged us to flavor the lil pillows of goodness and go wild with a sauce to top them with!

As I had already made some and I wanted a fresher Summer version, I tried to combine polenta gnocchi and potato gnocchi recipes :



It’s gluten free. I didn’t add flour. I cooked the polenta, and made mashed potato. I mixed about 60% potato, 40% polenta. Flavored with salt, nutmeg, black pepper, a little olive oil. Let cool a few hours.


Prepared a sauce (tomato, garlic, olive oil) and stir-fried peppers and onions with garlic and rosemary.


Formed gnocchi with the chilled dough, coated them in sauce.
They can’t be boiled or they would fall apart (yep, I tried). It’s not a problem, they can reheated in the sauce.


Actually, I ate the second serving not reheated and the dish is as good hot as cold. It’s great for this hot season.


Green gnocchi in yellow curry soup



It’s humid, hot or cold (or both), stuffy, windy, raining and air pression that gets on the nerves… A typhoon that’s called. So a spicy soup for dinner, with gnocchi in it.


Full of veggies.


This my attempt to shape gnocchi (colored with matcha green tea) with a bamboo mat. Ahem… Not today, but that should work.


Konnyaku is easier to shape with veggie cutters.


Yes, it’s vegetable . That brings volume, a fresh texture and the fibers help digestion.


The soup is light coconut milk, turmeric and an Indian spice mix containing mango powder. I’ve added sliced leek white and grated carrot. Just let the bubble 10 minutes and it’s ready.



Avec des kneppes

These USPO (unidentified shape pasta objects) are kneppes (some say kneffes, kneppfle, knodels, gnocchi…). They are one of the preferred veggies in Lorraine, perfect to go with a dish in sauce.

For another way to serve them, click here : kneppes aux croutons

That’s just about dropping pasta dough in water, then refrying…
Do you want grandma’s recipe ? What recipe ? Seriously, she’d say “Let’s make the kneppes…” and just mixed stuff. That’s easy. In mines, I put flour, egg, water, that’s sure. Then either cream, butter and milk, or a leftover of mashed potatoes. Today that was a tbs of cream cheese. A little nutmeg and black pepper.

Then serve with a dish in sauce.

I made a stir-fry with chicken gizzards.

The sauce is oyster sauce based.

A big mizuna salad.


In my place, we call those pastas kneppes. They are very popular and served at most family dinners with some meat in sauce dish.

I put a little yogurt in those. They are simply reheated in butter, with butter-fried croutons.