Vanilla baked donuts and hot chocolate

It’s the time of my petit goûter. I want a chocolat chaud and some soft cakes.

Donuts like these, but flavored with kurozato black sugar and lots of vanilla powder.

They are very tender.

Lots of pure cocoa and a little hot water.

Plus a little foamed milk.

Baked matcha donuts with silky mocha

Sweet time. In Winter in Spain, they serve their churros with a thick chocolate. That was the idea. My drink is a mocha, with coffee in it. And I baked matcha green tea donuts. Both are very quick and simple to make, vegan, dairy free and more important : warm and yummy !

Matcha baked donuts :
A cup of flour, baking powder, 2 tbs of sweetened green tea powder, a generous drip of olive oil, water… Baked at 120 degrees C, till they get firm on the top. They stay very soft

You see them naked on the right. On the left, when warm, I painted them with olive oil and shook in a bag with a ts of tea powder.

A real donut texture, rich, moist, soft, sweet. The green teea sweetness is very pleasant and a perfect companion for dark chocolate.

Silky mocha. Coffee, lots of pure cocoa powder, potato starch, a few seconds in the micro-wave… It gets silky. Creamy. Well I nearly had pudding.

Let’s dip in the donuts…

A la recherche du pain perdu. A Frenchy’s take on French toast

Pain perdu means lost bread. It’s about recycling stale bread. It’s poor people’s food. End of the month family meals.

But the world is getting so snob. People go to restaurants to have lost bread.So they eat what when they are at home ?

There are discussion about another overrated American food chain (pleonasm) that opened recently an ambitious (pretentious) breakfast joint in Shinjuku, Tokyo’s business district. The story is they ask 1200 to 1400 yen just for French toasts… that are totally ordinary. Usually, you’d get that for 350 yen. So what’s special ?
And some idiots have paid to go and check that only the price was special. Bravo ! Their reviews are fun to read.

Shokupan, Japanese bread. It’s very industrial stuff. It was on sale, stale. Perfect. A slice = 10 yen.

An egg, a little cream and a little vanilla sugar. Plus 10 yen.


After making this cake, I scrapped the pan of dried ganache with a wooden spoon.

Took out the home-made spicy marmelade and some fresh mikan mandarin oranges (click here).

Let’s enjoy all that with a coffee.
You’d love that for 1400 yen ? I want to open an overrated shop, me too…

Pain au lait, pistolet… pistolait ?

Small “bum shaped” rolls of milk bread (pain au lait) are called pistolets in France. Why ? That’s convenient in the shop to give this shape to milk rolls, and a perfect round shape to plain rolls. But has the name a relation with the gun ? I thought that was related to pistoles that were a type of coins hundreds years ago. Small and rounds, like coins ? Or did they cost one “pistole” ? But why are they split in the middle ? It seems a type of plums is also called “pistole”. I won’t give you the answer because I don’t know.

The dough is made with milk, they are washed with milk…

And “cut”…

They are extremely soft. That’s halfway between bread and brioche. As a kid, I was eating them like cake.

Softy apple banana muffins

They are fresh, light, fruity and nutty. It’s a inspired by several banana bread recipes seen here and there. The texture is mushier than a bread. I wanted to keep them for the photo in natural light the next day but I’ve eaten the 3 in the evening.

Cut a ripe banana, to fill 1/3 of the molds.

The batter is made with a second banana which was even riper, a small apple (grated with its red skin), an egg, maybe half a cup of flour, baking powder, 3 tbs of cream cheese, 1 tbs of nerigoma (tahini, sesame butter), 2 tbs of powdered sesame seeds and a grated lemon zest.

They burst open while baking… and fell down later.

Serve cooled. They are not good hot, the lemon cheesecake and nutty flavors appear after 2 hours.

Galette day

Buckwheat pancake day. Nothing official, just because I woke up with nothing in stock… Quick, easy, tasty, what more do you want ?

In the morning, throw in the jug 1 egg, 1 cup of water, about 1/2 cup of buckwheat flour. Push the button to blend. Add water if necessary. Heat the pan, cook the crepes (I got 4).

To make eggless galettes/crepes/ pancakes (click on text) :
Old fashion buckwheat crepes

For brunch, fresh with egg, salt, pepper and kujo negi leek.

For the gouter (4 0’clock coffee break), crispy galettes, like a wafer. They can be prepared in advance. Reheat them with a little salty butter, cook slowly both sides. Add a little can sugar. Pass again both side in low heat, stop when sugar is melt and not yet caramel. They harden while they cool done, so if you want to fold or roll them, do it while they’re hot.

With mikan oranges that are starting their season.

And coffee.

Casser la croûte. On the table, at the farm…

Let’s break the bread crust and the meal starts… Casser la croûte, breaking the crust is eating for the French. That’s the magic : close your eyes. Your are in a French farm in the timeless era of fairy tales. There is a herd of unicorns grazing in the field…

Break the bread and put food on it…

That’s a meal. No, I forgot to take photos of the wine.
At our farm we make everything from scratch… but not the wine.

Un pain de campagne. Merci Kiki, la MAP (home bakery machine). It’s an old style peasant bread with a little rye flour in it.

3 terrines that you’ve seen before :
terrine de canard aux marrons et aux noix (chestnut marron duck )
terinne de volaille aux herbes (herb poultry)
pâté au foie (liver)

Salade de chou rouge (red cabbage).

Flavored with apple, Italian parsley (despite the name, it’s not foreign at all in France, it’s persil plat, the common flat parsley). Of course, a cider vinegar vinaigrette.

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pickled cornichons

pots de pommes de terres et champignons (mushroom, potato)

Dessert chausson

I hope you enjoyed the visit !