Sprouted hemp seed bread, improved version

That’s a HUGE HUGE progress from my hemp seed soda bread, version beta (click here) :

The color is very different but it’s made with roughly the same ingredients. I eyeballed the flour, but I’ve used 1 cup of raw hemp seeds and in both cases mixed with about 3 cups of flour (AP, I make my mix).

The issue was the bits of bran still hard under the teeth. I had soaked the seeds only one day.

I have soaked the seeds much longer. 3 days. And I obtained germinated hemp seeds. 


Mixed in yeasted bread dough. Added flour to get a soft paste. I kneed it with a wooden spoon.

Low tide.

High tide.

In that kind of experiment, you never know what the bread will look like. The dough had already more than doubled of volume when I put them in the oven. But they might have expanded more.

Eh no, flat surface bread. But mmm… will do it again. Let’s soak the bird food.

Let’s just open a can…

That’s it lunch is ready !
Well, yes, I could, but I wanted to eat a little more. So :

Yeah, like that. I’ve prepared it all one hour in advanced, covered the plate with a bell and let flavors mix. Kept it in the fridge.
That was delicious !

I had a leftover of this rice mix (see here). I’ve added rice vinegar, negi, natto and :

Fragrant sour bombs that explode of flavor under the teeth.

The green rectangles are seaweed flavor konnyaku.

I opened that can of sardines in oil.

I sprinkled lemon juice and chili flakes on them.

Hemp seed soda bread. When whole food is too whole…

UPDATE : That recipe was a kind of fail, but you may still want to read why. Then see the successful version in this post.

New version !

(en of update).

Hemp seeds, that sounded so cool… I’m a fashion victim. I was seeing the raw hemp seed on all the blogs of the world. So rich in proteins, nutrients, good fat, fiber. I had to try. I went to buy some.

That’s from the bird food corner. That’s bird food here. Because that’s bird food. The problem is I’m not a bird.

Problems :

1. bloggers don’t use those hemp seeds. Most used a processed protein powder. The courageous ones seem to buy shelled hemp seed. That’s different. I don’t see how to take away the shell.
2. the grain is hard and the shell or bran is hard and cutting. You’d say a layer of metal with concrete inside. Even if you soaked it.
3. soaking 1, grinding, soak 2 more days, regrinding, all that with lemon juice is not enough to make the shell softer.

Conclusion :

1. the hemp fad is a big joke unless you buy the processed products. I won’t because a lot of the interest is lost and anyway the prices of that type of imported hyped health food is prohibitive.
2. if it’s whole, hemp seed has to be milled + soaked in acid + milled + mixed with softer food + cooked long enough to be edible.
3. milk can be made and cooked.

So, I add my paste not edible after 3 days. I’ve added ground sesame (30% of weight of hemp), and flour (same amount as total of seeds). And I’ve made a soda bread :

The bread looks like that. And the appearance is not bad at all. It’s not uniform as the mix was falling toward the bottom.

And I loved the taste, deliciously nutty. BUT.
I’m still not convinced that’s fully edible. The black bits still feel hard on the tongue. They are not digestible. A slice once in while won’t do me bad, I think, so I’ve frozen the rest. But I’m not really satisfied.

Does anyone cook (or prepare) whole hemp seeds ?

Teppanyaki teishoku, plancha menu

Teppanyaki, grilled on the hot plate, the plancha. That’s a simple way to cook meat. Today I had thinly sliced beef liver.

Teishoku, the menu, the set.

I just grilled the liver together with slices of dry garlic that neutralize its smell.

The final touch : fragrant sesame oil in the plate, ready to receive the meat.

Three quick sides : miso soup with tofu and wakame seaweed, kimchi and rice.

The rice is a mix of genmai (brown rice), red rice and mochi awa (mil).

The meal with 2 servings of rice :
Cal 716.3 F22.1g C92.1g P52.9g

The liver coated by sesame oil… yuuuuuuummmy !

Mixed grill, mixed lunch, 5 minutes to cook it. The easy fusion life.

Lunch is ready ! And it’s yummy !

The full menu. You need to start 40 minutes before, but that takes 3 minutes. Fill the rice-cooker.

Mixed grill.
Kabocha squash. I only cut chunks (any shape is OK as you can see). Chicken breast, I passed olive oil all over.
Place all that in the oven toaster. Then turn after 15 minutes. After, for me, that just tastes great. I didn’t even add salt. Roasting is a magic flavor enhancer.

Mixed veggies, greens and salad.
Take from the fridge. Kimchi, shiso leaves. A little kimchi everyday brings vitamins, probiotics, fibers and color on the table. Well, I fall in that addiction every Winter.

Mixed rice.
Take from the rice-cooker. Brown rice mixed with sorghum (kaoliang, takakibi). On top, black sesame, powdered. The taste is not very different from rice but it’s more crunchy and the round shape is funny.