La vraie creme Mont-Blanc de quand on etait petits. Na na nere ! (via Gourmande in Osaka)

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When I was a kid, there is a dessert that was very popular and
I liked a lot “la creme Mont-Blanc”….

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Pearly Arabian nights : crème persane à l’orange

This is the thousand and one post on this blog… or nearly. So let’s celebrate with a sweet story.
It has the name of a tale you read to kids at bed time : crème persane (Persian cream), because it’s an old style dessert French grannies would make for children… or because it actually comes from old Persia ?
No idea, it’s simply a mousse with tapioca pearls in it.

I wondered if that existed only in France, and I found that in English a “cream Persian” is a furry sofa ornament like this :

creme persane

If you want to buy this “cream” in Spain -I don’t know the company, only linked the photo- the shop is there.

It’s flavored with orange peel, juice and a hint of Grand Marnier.

Light and fresh…

Holes and bubbles.

The juicy bottom.

Oats and orange *florentines*, Grand-Marnier sour cream panna cotta

This month’s Daring Baker Challenge‘s topic is “Panna Cotta & Florentine Cookies”.

Mine is Grand-Marnier sour cream cotta topped with grapefruits, with orange oat florentines, coated in white chocolate.

See their recipes and other’s desserts here.

I am not really sure what a “florentine” or a “florentine cookie” means. I know what we call florentins in France. They are sweets like these :

The base is almond and orange peel. As the almonds and citrus produced or sold in Florence (Firenze) were very famous.
(more about *florentins* soon)

I have kept my florentin recipe and replaced almonds by oats to fit the challenge.

Cane sugar, honey… candied orange peel, oats.

With white or without chocolate coating.

Panna cotta is not my favorite dessert, but if it is flavored and made with good cream (=creme fraiche or sour cream), it can be good. I’ve used 1/3 of raw sour cream and Grand Marnier orange liquor instead of milk.

With grape-fruit. That’s a good balance.

Small plated version :

Other versions of panna cotta :

Vanilla panna cotta with raspberries
Rose petals panna cotta

Pure mousse au chocolat

Just eggs and pure cacao are needed to make a mousse au chocolat.

Cocoa mass. 100% cocoa.

Basic pure chocolate mousse :

1 egg,
same weight of chocolate

Melt the cocoa chips or broken bits.
Beat egg white.
Add a little water to the chocolate and mix in the egg yolk.
Add delicately the white.
Wait 2 hours to 1 night.

Then :

You can take a more elaborated chocolate, add sugar and replace the liquid.

Mousse au chocolat et a l’orange.
With Grand-Marnier and orange flavored sugar syrup. Decorated with mandarine peels (cooked in syup).

Orange version, with 1 egg (makes 2 servings) :
Cal 370 F26.0g C23.7g P11.1g

La vraie creme Mont-Blanc de quand on etait petits. Na na nere !

Recette de la bonne vieille creme Mont-Blanc d’antan, en francais a la fin

New flavor – un nouveau parfum :

Creme Mont-Blanc, parfum marron

When I was a kid, there is a dessert that was very popular and
I liked a lot “la creme Mont-Blanc”. Do you know it ? Maybe, you are thinking about something with chestnut. Not at all. That was canned milk pudding. Mont-Blanc ? The cows live there, all the kids knew that.

I have found on this nice French blog a scan of a 1959 ad. That started before me. I grew up in a junk food generation. LOL.

I don’t remember that packaging, the initial one (photo borrowed there, it’s re-edition):

mt bl

I don’t know the new one. But yes, I had the same as the little girl in the video Archives Ina. And there was a Grand-Marnier flavor. A coffee flavor too ?

The product still exist. I could ask my family to mail me some. BUT.
Primo that would be a waste, I don’t think plane should fly to carry that sort of junk food or things like mineral water.
Segundo, they have changed the recipe. It’s no longer the good old taste.
And there is tertio, I no longer so sweet as when I was a child, I prefer with sugar.
So I have recreated it. The distinctive flavor came from condensed milk, and the thick texture from starch. If some connoisseur tries the recipe, please tell me if you find the result close to your memory of the old creme.

Creme dessert au lait Mont-Blanc – vieille recette

Recipe (yield, 2 small jars):

1 can of 170 g of evaporated milk (it’s unsweetened condensed milk)
15 g (2 tbs) of corn starch or potato starch
Grand Marnier, Vanilla extract, cocoa, praline, any flavor you want
Sugar (quantity depends on your taste, I have used lakanto sugar)

Bring the evaporated milk to a boil. Then simmer it about 10 minutes. Mix the starch with a little water. Add it to the milk, and cook on medium heat while stirring with a wooden spatula. When the texture gets creamy, add the flavoring (diluted in cold water for the cocoa), the sugar and 1/2 to 1 cup of water. The texture should be fluid, like a sauce. Stir well, cook one more minute. Pour in sterilised jars. Cover them with kitchen paper. When they are at room temperature, take off the paper and close the lid. You can store it a few days in the fridge.

You’d better have canning jars with fitting lids. Why ? The old ads lied ! Now that’s surely super silky. Back then, the cream never was as smooth as on the photo or video, unless you shaked longly the can before opening it. Otherwise the texture is a little more like that :

Well maybe not that much. That is the one I made in a cup. The taste is good anyway. You can also beat it after it’s cooled -that what I did for the Grand-Marnier version and it becomes smoother.
So before serving, shake the jar !

For 2 jars of vanilla, without caloric sugar
Cal308.2 F13.4g C32.5g P13.4g

Creme dessert au lait Mont-Blanc – vieille recette

( pour 2 petits pots a confiture)1 boite de 170 g de lait evapore, lait condense non-sucre
15 g (2 c a soupe) de maizena ou fecule de patate
Grand Marnier, extrait de vanille, cacao, praline, le parfum souhaite…
Sucre (selon votre gout, j’ai sucre au sucre “lakanto”)

Porter le lait evapore a ebullition. Laisser reduire 10 minutes. Delayer la fecule dans un peu d’eau et l’ajouter. Sur feu moyen, melanger constamment a la spatule jusqu’a epaississement. Ajouter alors l’arome (le cacoa doit etre delaye dans de l’eau froide), le sucre et 1/2 a 1 verre d’eau. Il faut obtenir une texture fluide comme une sauce. Cuire encore une minute en melangeant bien. Verser dans des pots sterilises. Les couvrir d’essuie-tout. Quand ils sont refroidis a temperature ambiante, oter le papier et visser les couvercle. La creme peut se garder quelques jours au refrigerateur.

Il vaut mieux avoir des pots se fermant hermetiquement car la pub exagerait… et la creme sortait un peu granuleuse, pas autant que la mienne sur la photo, mais quand meme. Il fallait bien secouer la boite pour l’homogeneiser. Vous pouvez aussi battre la creme refroidie -ce que j’ai fait avec le parfum Grand-Marnier. Ca va tres bien, elle devient parfaitement soyeuse.

Nashi Belle-Helene (with creme Mont-Blanc)