Veg juicing


Vitamins to fight the horrible weather, it’s fog, pollen, yellow sand, PM 2.5, whatever… With the pea soup outside, I don’t want the same on my table.
(Postscriptum, that was yesterday, 10th, today the sky is blue, the air maybe cleaner, but saddest anniversary of the year. 2 years ago… Vitamins are needed.)


Let’s take a red Kintoki carrot. I’ve added a little lemon juice. I got a thick paste in the blender, but after I filtered it into a smooth juice :



And some greens…うまい菜 Umaina. It’s a kind of Japanese beet leaves/Swiss chard. I took only the green parts and some grapefruit juice.



Coco-hearts and Winter fruits

A simple colorful dessert. It’s a delicious and fresh way to take you fix of vitamin C.

It’s haupia, the Hawaiian coconut pudding, with a bit of agar in it. It took the shape perfectly.

Juicy grapefruits and mandarin oranges.

Dry coconut and powdered goji berry.

Tofu pumpkin jewel cake

Initially, I wanted to make a tofu cake on the model of cheese cake, but I broke it at taking the mold away and it was too dry, lacking of acidity. So I wet it with ruby grapefruit juice and made that 3 layers, squeezed in a smaller mold. The topping is ground toast sesame then a layer of roast oatmeal. As the cake is reversed, the top becomes a base.

More toasted oats and sesame on top, and pink pepper

Grapefruit and matcha green tea muesli

A very fruity raw muesli with 2 touches of bitterness : matcha green tea and ruby grapefruit.

Grated apple and oats, mixed a few hours before. Yes, there is more fruit that grain. These apples are now plenty and delicious, let’s splurge !

Then I’ve added sweetened matcha green tea. Matcha is the powdered tea for ceremony. The cheapest sweet version is perfect for desserts or like here.

Added grapefruit.

A few spoonfuls of yogurt.

That was a refreshing delicious brunch.

Double corn brunch waffle

Not much effort to prepare this complete meal.
Menu : savory waffles, natto-kimchi, drink salad and coffee jelly.

The particularity is these waffles have a corn bread flavor due to cornmeal batter, and some corn kernels inside…

And also some greens…

That’s a standard (eyeballed into the blender) waffle batter, except it’s half-flour and half-grits (coarse corn meal). Flavored with rosemary, garlic and chili. In the waffle maker, I added : frozen corn kernels, fava beans and raw green bell pepper.

Crusty and golden. Bring kimchi and natto.

A romaine salad getting too soft…into the blender with 1/2 grapefruit, a ts of grass wheat powder. Cinnamon on top. It had a refreshing bitterness.

Prepared the coffee agar jelly the day before. That takes one minute.

Served with veg cream and a little kurozato black sugar.