Cinco de burrito, and baked veggies


It seems the Cinco de Mayo, 5/5 on the calendar is the day when the Mexicans eat Mexican food. So I want some too.


So here is the menu : burritos colorados (in red sauce), 3 baked veggies. That’s how I imagine Mexican food.


I made these burritos from scratches. Home-made tortillas, strips of chicken grilled after being marinated in lemon juice, powdered jalapeno, salt and parsley, dices of avocado, parsley, onion…


Covered with a spicy tomato sauce. With soy yogurt, cabbage, avocado dices.


Nagai togarashi, they are local green sweet peppers.
I’ve filled them with sakekasu (sake lees) mixed with minced onion, paprika, turmeric, salt, a little olive oil and lots of cumin.


Baked !


栗黄金 kurikogane (chestnut yellow gold potato) is the princess of sweet potatoes. It is cultivated in Kagoshima, Kyushu. It’s very sweet and flavorful. They make high quality shochu liquor with it.


After being baked. I’ve also baked classic potatoes.



Velouté of kabocha with green togarashi chili

Velouté de kabocha au piment vert et au sésame.
Green velvet squash soup. It’s served chilled.
The texture is incredibly smooth and silky, and the flavor incredibly green and soft. The kabocha + green togarashi pair is a keeper.

Sides are this veggie plate.

And a crispy moffle (mochi waffle) with paprika.

I had boiled skins of kabocha and some orange flesh left on them. I mixed them in the mixer with a fresh green togarashi chili seeded and some sesame I had just toasted as a creamer. A little salt and turmeric as spices. I didn’t cook it but served it cool.

Tofu-lasagna ranchero

A very quick and easy Winter dinner.

The tofu is too soft and full of water. It has to be “dried” and made firmer. One way, which I used, is to place the block of tofu it between to plates, and top the second plate with a sauce pan. Wait 30 minutes, get rid of water. Quicker way, but not so good in this case is to put it on a plate, nuke (slow strength) 2 minutes, get read of water, repeat twice. Then you can slice it.

Tomato, shishito peppers, rosemary, garlic, olive oil…

Alternate 2 layers of tofu and 3 of sauce, keeping the bits for inside. Top with sweet corn and cheese. Bake 20 minutes.
Top with raw shishito, ground black pepper and olive oil. Pass 3~5 minutes under the broiler.

Enjoy very hot ! With hot chili Louisiana sauce or Tabasco if you like.

There are still hot days. About bread with tomato…

Wow… 34 degrees Celsius. And it’s November. I want a Summer lunch.

There are still delicious tomatoes growing here. Tomato salad. Classic. Except for the mitsuba replacing the parsley.

A stir-fried flavored with salty shrimp (ami ebi).

Green hummus.

green hummus recipe, click here

Then bring bread… That’s the low quality baguette from the nearest supermarket. There is worse, I’m not so masochist. This one contain no weird additives, but that’s not crispy, not fluffy. I had to toast it.

Tomato on toast is good. But this is not the best.

This is magic. Saucer . To sauce ? Soaking the bread in sauce. It’s the greatest thing about tomato salad.

A bread sponge full of tomato juice and simple vinaigrette is a pure bliss. In France, if you are broke and you still want a restaurant meal, you go with your darling or a friend, and you order one salade de tomates for the two. Bread will be provided in infinite quantity for free so you can sauce together as long as you feel hungry… I remember a beach front restaurant owner really angry about it. The economy was gloom in the season, and that week, he had sold mostly tomato salads.

A cup of Bircher muesli as a dessert. That was too much. I didn’t finish all that, I kept some for dinner.

Green hummous

Enriched hummous. The chick pea cream turns green.

To the boiled chick peas, I simply added sweet green chili peppers grilled under the broiler.

And fresh basil. And very very little garlic as I had to talk at work after, no go fight vampires.

All that in the blender.

Garnish with tahini (pasted sesame).

Enjoy on toasts.