Electrolyte refill smoothie


When it’s hot, we sweat a lot and lose water. And we also eliminate precious elements, electrolyte or ions, whatever sports drink maker call them. We don’t need to buy their powders to replace them. Let’s get all the nutrients with a natural drink.


Moloheya (molokhia), this herb has a jelly texture like okra (gumbo), and that comes with the property of maintaining hydration. Like those sports gels.


It’s a smoothie of frozen banana (for its carbs and potassium) , molokhia and a little lemon juice. Now we need sodium ? Well on the glass.


I know the color is not superb, but the taste is very fruity, the texture deliciously creamy and it’s very efficient.


Double corn brunch waffle

Not much effort to prepare this complete meal.
Menu : savory waffles, natto-kimchi, drink salad and coffee jelly.

The particularity is these waffles have a corn bread flavor due to cornmeal batter, and some corn kernels inside…

And also some greens…

That’s a standard (eyeballed into the blender) waffle batter, except it’s half-flour and half-grits (coarse corn meal). Flavored with rosemary, garlic and chili. In the waffle maker, I added : frozen corn kernels, fava beans and raw green bell pepper.

Crusty and golden. Bring kimchi and natto.

A romaine salad getting too soft…into the blender with 1/2 grapefruit, a ts of grass wheat powder. Cinnamon on top. It had a refreshing bitterness.

Prepared the coffee agar jelly the day before. That takes one minute.

Served with veg cream and a little kurozato black sugar.

Soupe du jour : Vert de poireau

As casual and easy as a soupe du jour (daily soup). Green of leek flavor.

Slow-cooked part : the greens of leek and daikon radish. Raw, that was extremely bitter, but after a long low heat simmering…mmm… Just forget it on the stove.

Secret seasoning : white miso, naturally sweet. It’s salty too.

Raw addition : juiced spinach.
Topping : roast almonds.

It’s filling, the volume is huge (maybe 1 liter) but it’s not caloric. Don’t forget to eat something more.
Cal 103.5 F2.4g C19.9g P4.8g

Aojiru for Saint-Nicolas. Like drinking green pain d’epices.

Saint-Nicolas’s day is approaching. I have restocked in :

Anise seeds. Guess why ? Also, I’m eating rich food these days and I start seeing that on my face. So it’s nice to add a few raw dishes to restore the balance. The aojiru (green smoothie) is ideal for that. I got the idea of adding anise to it. That’s really yummy ! That’s like drinking gingerbread.

The leaves are mizuna. All that in the blender, with a little water. Va va boom…

And I couldn’t resist to eat this. And also to take a few photos. I didn’t make them. They are a present from the students of the bakery school. C’est une tuerie. So delicious that you’d kill to eat some :

Pates de fruits a la framboise et a la pomme verte. (raspberry and green apple jelly sweets)

Merci ! Arigatou !

Cal 247.1 F5.2g C50.5g P4.6g