Purple beans, Mexican wind.

Today’s bean lunch takes us to Mexiiiico ! I feel so much warmer after eating this.

I’ve added spices, cumin, nutmeg, powdered jalapeno, and a diced carrot to boiled azuki beans (I restocked big time : soaked and cooked 1 kg !). The salsa is from a jar.

I’ve got this huge leafy Chinese cabbage.

The outer greens slightly steamed as a hot salad.

Yuzu guacamole, just yuzu juice and avocado. That’s enough, fragrant, sour, silky. That makes one creamy topping. The other is yogurt.

A full meal, ready in 5 minutes. Hot and spicy.

Croustillantes rice leaves with yuzu guacamole

Crispy, creamy and green.
That’s a very simple vegan starter, quick to prepare.

The guacamole is basic, avocado + yuzu lime (juice and zest). The shishito pepper are grilled. The onions sliced and salted.

The leaves are sheets of rice paper, re-hydrated, painted in olive oil and toasted. We’re ready to do the plate display :

Ready to be devoured…

Green baking baby ‘tatoes and favas

Green cravings.

Even potatoes can be green.

I’ve got many tiny new potatoes. The smaller, the tastier. I’ve half-boiled them. Then rubbed with salt, herbes de Provence and olive oil.

I put some big favas (broad beans too).

And baked.

Frozen greener guacamole (click here to know more). Let it near the oven…

It thawed into this sour green sauce.

This green guacamole brings the perfect contrast to pinpoint the mildness of the starchy bites.

Moonrise avocado

Photos at night under the neon are really ugly. That’s great material to play with. Let’s go retro.
Retro avocado. They are no longer the same as when I was a kid. That was new, exotic and I guess expensive. But they were green. The rind was green. The flavor was deeper, greener. The flesh was greener and when we’d make guacamole, it would turn very green very quickly… no matter how much lemon we added.
The new varieties they sell now are probably less fragile. But they are so white, so fat. That’s more like margarine.

So let’s use the green bits of the leaves power up the guacamole.

Deep green.

To go with it, a new version of the pattzuki bean patties cooked in the hot-sand grid of the waffle maker. They contain a few peppercorns of green sansho, so you really crunch into deep green.

You never have too many greens on you plate.

Brun-chi’, ikea guacamole and pumpkin chi’cake (via GiO)


I didn’t get my guacamole in the over-rated box supermarket… the concept is the same : all the bits are in, but not assembled. Avocado,…

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