Shhhlggg green salsa


So quick, so fresh… A very green salsa dip with refreshing okra.


Sweet green chili pepper. I took out the seeds, juiced a hand full. Add another hand full cut into the blender. Plus a little minced garlic, cut onion. A little hot green pepper. A little salt.


Added cut steamed okra. Blended into a chunky texture. Let a while in the fridge to chill and let flavors mix.
With bought nacho chips.


Not your average rice salad, super cooling with neba-neba power

A green rice salad particularly refreshing. It’s loaded with gumbo (okra).

Neba neba, that’s the effect of the cut okra. A sort of strong jelly gets out of it and makes threads… It’s very hydrating. This food is recommended for hot weather.

I’ve mixed grains. 2/3 of genmai brown rice, a little mochi awa foxtail millet (small balls) and hato mugi Job’s Tears(big balls). They all cooked together in the rice cooker, but with 10% more water than usual. Of course no salt.

Okra, the rice mix. Tomato paste, negi leeks. Indian spice mix powder plus fennel seeds.

Some day try to jellifyyour salad sauce. It’s very surprising.
酢醤油寒天 sushoyu kanten : Agar jellified dressing. It’s a mix of soy sauce, cane sugar and rice vinegar, into agar agar.

Fork crumbled. Serve it very cold.

The jelly dressing on top is really pleasant.

It’s very easy to eat. No filling of heavy stomach like after a big dish of starch. The sourness of the jelly and the fennel seeds combine in an original flavor.

Four beans in a gumbo

A good stew. That’s slow cooking for lazy people. You fill the pot and it cooks by itself.

Gumbo z’herbes (vegetarian). Chicken and sausage gumbo.

I had frozen some gumbo roux. So I used it with other items I had in the freezer and fridge :

Gombos (okras). As we say in my place, if my uncle had none, I’d call him “my aunt”. If my gumbo had no gombos, I’d call it a cassoulet.

Broad beans AKA favas.

White beans.

Black soy bean.
Natto (not frozen).
The fermented flavor of natto (fermented soy beans) gave a great touch here. So I thought : Let’s be crazy ! And I have salted with miso, another fermented product.

Then spinach and fresh basil. Plus the Cajun spices.

A colorful stew. Delicious !

That’s a one dish meal. Enjoy with rice or bread.

Say chiizz sauce

Inspired by Nori Croquante. Well, that’s very far from what she served here:
curieux légumes faux-magés but you can see the relation.

My local random little salad : konnyaku (in white), green beans, okra, sudachi lemon and cilantro.

Mmmm, that’s the less worse photo… The idea is the sauce that gets a cheese-like texture. It’s a combination of okra and vegetal milk (here coconut + coconut cream). Add a pinch of salt. Pour on the veggies.

That’s so pleasantly refreshing, the white color plus the texture.
Merci pour l’idée !

Neba say neba… 3 foods that fight the heat ! (via Gourmande in Osaka)

Last year

Neba say neba... 3 foods that fight the heat ! Neba neba , that's the texture you see on this photo. Well neba- is also how they pronounce never in Japan. Sorry for the cheap pun in the title, I couldn't resist. Food with that aspect usually have the property to retain water, to help you keep hydrated and feel well when it's hot. Here are 3 examples : Natto, okra and molokheya. Natto is soybeans fermented with "natto-kin" bacteria. It is served with wasabi and egg today, as a topping for hot … Read More

via Gourmande in Osaka