Tarte flambée and green juice



Ying and yang. The 2 extremes together : a tarte flambée and a veggie juice. Both are made quickly for a weekday lunch.


The new onions were screaming : “Une flammekueche ! Une flamm’ !An onion tart !”.
The traditional recipe of this Lorraine-Alsace delight requires bread dough :

la flamme tutorial (click here)


It’s a very quickified version : baking powder dough, onions, a little ham and some home-made coconut yogurt. Lots of black pepper. Baked in the oven-toaster.


The juice : lots of fresh komatsuna leaves and a little yuzu juice.
小松菜 komatsuna, litterally means “little pine tree greens”, but they are sorts of turnip leaves. The juice is slightly bitter but not too much to drink it.


Serve the 2 together and enjoy sin with health.


Obama pizza, victory Hawaiian

That was an important election for all of us. We shouldn’t care outside the US, but Japan is still some kind of occupied territory and many other countries depend on the US prez… So it’s a good thing the guy with common sense won. So here is the Obama pizza. Deep dish Chicago Hawaiian pizz’…

Rich pizza dough, 2 cheeses, shishito peppers…

As many stars of ham as states ? Maybe not. Well chunky tomato sauce. On top, ham, grilled pineapple sprinkled with habanero powder.

Baked !

So now, Mr. Obama be careful of what you do with the world.

Alouettes sans tête, à la bourguignonne

Headless larks.
Alouette, alouette, gentille alouette… je te plumerai la tête, et la tête…

It’s “sans la tête”. Hey’s it’s just a name. It’s made of beef. I simmered them like for boeuf bourguignon.

My nearest 24/24 supermarket sells only thinly sliced lean Australian beef as meat. They have wines, not a big choice. I took one from Chili. Lots of tannins, very sour, it’s perfect. I marinated the meat, carrot and onions overnight.

To make an alouette, I rolled a slice of meat, with a slice of raw ham in it. I cooked them in a little butter. Then simmered with the marinade, garlic and a bouquet garni.

I smoothed the sauce, reduced it and reheated with the meat.

The alouettes !

Maitake mushrooms, sauteed in butter.

Ham, fried like “lardons“.

Glazed onion, made with a huge huge Japanese onion.

Buttered croutons.

Retro Christmas (2) Jambon en croûte aux marrons

CHAUD DEVANT ! Beware, I’m carrying hot stuff !
That’s the masterpiece of the meal. A rustic bake ham in a crust of soft and crispy bread.
Christmas ham is very old tradition. Middle-Age, or even before. In some places the baked ham or the baked ham pie has survived.

It is a very simple version with chestnut stuffing and buckwheat (plus wheat) bread. The luxury ingredient is the shallots. I find them very irregularly in Japan, and I stock them for French dishes.

The ham, shallots and chestnuts marinated with white wine and black pepper. The stuffing was stir-fried and flambe-ed with shochu liquor.

Packed !

Hot from the oven.

That really has a Christmas taste. Hot ham, melting sweet stuffing, soft bread… what more do you want ? The buckwheat brings a nutty flavor very pleasant.