Hamachi sashimi menu

The shop was proposing a delicious hamachi (yellowtail) filet ready for sashimi. Ideal for a classic Japanese meal.

They use the thick part of filet to make sushi and the nice sashimi display, the thin bit is just as good but not so nice on pro display. So it’s sold cheaper.
Not a big work. I just had to slice and put on the plate. In Winter, this fish is getting fatter and more melty in the mouth. It was really delicious.

Kabocha no nitsuke.

Fresh shiitake mushrooms, passed in the same nitsuke sauce.

A miso soup, rich in tofu, with wakame seaweed and onion.

Teriyaki buri, iodine and hopes

Teriyaki buri (yellowtail).

And 3 sides full of seaweeds.
Even if I am not affected personally -nothing happened in Osaka, I can’t feel unconcerned by the nightmare Japan is trapped in now. So many victims up there, and this scary nuclear accident.
I feel a bit guilty as many in the country are not eating a hot meal. Either they had to leave their houses for shelters, or they have no gas and electricity. I really hope things get better soon.

After seeing the news, I just wanted to munch a few moffle (mochi waffles). With nori.

I prepared the fish like I do teriyaki chicken (not to be confused with anything cooked in the “teriyaki sauce” popular in the US).
recipe of teriyaki chicken

The caramelised fish is so tempting… even when you were not in a mood to eat.

The leaves are crystalline ice plant.

3 sides. 3 seaweed sides full of iodine.
Well, I’m about 700 km away from the plants, surely in the zone where it would help to take iodine tablets. It’s psychological.

Rice with yaki nori (roasted sheets of nori), sunomono (vinegar dish, with wakame and the dry fish that served to make the dashi broth), soup (the dashi broth, wakame, daikon, soy sauce).