Aburi and amaguri, oregano seafood pasta


Seafood pasta. I could eat some everyday. I know there are no pasta on this photo. I have not eaten them before shooting. They are under :


Ballerina pasta alle vongole, bianco e oregano.
That’s the name in my kitchen. Don’t trust my skills at Italian language, but trust me to adapt the recipe to Japanese context.


First, let’s prepare salmon. It’s salmon trout to be exact.


Aburi sushi is midway between raw sashimi and grilled fish, so you get the great texture and the nice taste.
For more details on this technique :

aburi DIY (click here)


hamaguri is a sort of local clam.


First let them refresh in salty water.


The hamaguri clams are opened in white wine with negi (green parts) and oregano. Then ballerina pasta are added and let 2 minutes with a covered lid, the time they swallow the flavors.


The plate is crowned by bok choi, that was blanched with the pasta. I place the pasta in the middle, the seafood and more oregano on top. Black pepper and a drizzle on olive oil on top.


Bourride de limande et hamaguri

Let’s go to Provence with a bourride.

That’s the yellow cousin of bouillabaisse.

The particularity is it is flavored and served with aïoli sauce.

Filets of flounder, marinating with green yuzu lime…

The big pot.

First a plate of soup.

Then vegetables and shellfish (hamaguri, orient clams).

And the flounder fish (limande).

Some more aïoli.

Rehearsal of a light réveillon

No Thanksgiving here, but from now, and for one month, every night is a party in Japan. Bonenkai : funerals of the old year. Then every night will be a party. Shinnenkai : birth party of the new year.
This is an advanced French Christmas dinner, quite light. Lots of seafood.

Blinis (like here), to go with smoked salmon.

Hors d’oeuvre and greens.

Choucroute au Champagne et fruits de mer.

Yes, you’ve already seen a fishy Sauerkraut on this blog (click here to get there) :

Lighter beurre blanc.

You’ll read about the cookies and the buche (log cake) in other posts.

Une mer de choucroute. Surfing on the Sauerkraut wave.

Not grand-ma’s choucroute. That light and modern seafood Sauerkraut, you could eat some everyday.

Sauerkraut longly braised in sweet white wine.

Hamaguri shellfish. It’s season food for Hina Matsuri day.

Shrimps. Asparagus. You didn’t there were always asparagus in the choucroute ? The thing is you see some at the market and you know it will be eaten by an aspara-fan. So… And they go well.

Butter shallot sauce for the seafood.

Hokkaido silver salmon.

To open up appetite

It’s better to restart simply with a shellfish okayu (rice porridge).

I simply opened the hamaguri clam in sake, with celery.

On a bed of brown rice porridge fresh from the rice-cooker. I had 2 branches of dill left.
That was good.