Bunny panisses


Panisses are chick pea based appetizers and street stall snacks from the South of France. They exist in different shapes but I guess the bunny style is rare. My recipe is also alternative. Normally you need chick pea flour that I didn’t have. So I found another way.


Soak a cup of dry chick peas. Put them in the blender with 2 tbs of olive oil. Add enough water to get a creamy sauce. Simmer on /medium low heat, stirring till you get a cooked thick paste. That takes 15 to 20 minutes. Add salt, and flavoring if you want. It has to be well dried.


Spread on cooking paper. Let cool. Put one hour or more in the fridge.


Cut and fry or stir-fry in olive oil.


Serve hot, with salt or a sauce of your choice.


Harissa for instance.


I joined white cucumbers and basil leaves. These are fried garlic chips. I fried them as I was testing my oil heat.


I also fried the cut out bits. I flavored them with that toppings.


Both were yummy.


Summer veggie couscous and pattzukis


Another simple plant-based lunch…


Cooked couscous, with turmeric, ras-el-hanout spice mix, carrot chips and sweet corn. Cherry tomatoes. Rape blossoms.


Pattzukis (azuki bean patties) and goya (bitter squash).


Add a little harissa.


2 plates for a lunch ready in 10 minutes.


Chickpeas three ways for a casual Summer lunch



Transforming a bowl of freshly boiled chick peas into 3 dishes.


Falafels. It’s better to make them from raw chick peas, but I’ve mashed boiled ones with a little potato starch for binding, added randomly spices, mint, lemon balm, and the brown thing is the ground of sobacha.




Chickpeas in a tomato tabouleh with… what was in the fridge, sweet corn, ninniku no me (garlic stalks), bell pepper, green soy beans, mint too. And harissa.


Served with salad spinach.


Chick peas with lemon juice and lots of tahini (sesame paste) to make a creamy hummus. It’s a sauce for the falafels.


Yuzu tabouleh and nira falafels


Chunky texture falafels, with a creamy tahini sauce. The local twist is the addition of nira (garlic chives).


Citrus flavored tabouleh. What is special is I’ve used yuzu, the Japanese citrus and different herb. That was really delicious.


Overnight soaked chickpeas pasted with some bigger chunks, littles bits of onion and chopped nira (garlic chives), salt, pepper. I thickened them with oatmeal. Pan-fried.


Home-made tahini in the blender. I’ve added salt and lemon juice to make it a creamy dip. Harissa on the side.



I slightly precooked the bulgur in water (when I have more time, I soak it one night in plenty of water instead), then added everything to the drained grain. I let flavor mix overnight.


A side of cucumber kimchi.



Grilled tofu lunch

Another little casual lunch. Light, crunchy, colorful, refreshing.

Cotton tofu drained from water. The slices are just patted with olive oil and herbs. Grilled.

I had a leftover of harissa tomato sauce.

A simple oyster sauce stir-fry with lots of sprouts, okra, cabbage, snow peas…

With a small flat bread.
I’ve eaten well.

Kintoki bean mini croquettes on a bed of cole-slow…

They are more bean based falafels than croquettes, but they are as nicely crispy.

Kintoki red beans and sesame seeds, soaked overnight.

In the blender, the beans and seeds, garlic, salt, pepper… When the paste was smooth, I’ve added bell peppers.

Cooked in the frying pan. Photos were not in that order… but there is some auto-correction for photo montages too, it seems.

A red cabbage waiting to get the shred… The thinner, the tastier.
I think certain food processor apps do that quickly, but I don’t have that equipment.

I grated with this tool. That would be a bit slow to grate the whole cabbage.

A randomly mixed harissa tomato sauce.

To put on the patties.

Krrr krrr krr…. very pleasant grazing.

Fais-moi du couscous chéri !

In the middle of the night, I wake up and wearing very few clothes I stand against the wall : I want couscous…Fais-moi du couscous chéri ! Fais-moi du couscous chéri !

No, I’m not that crazy, I’m singing in my head… It’s a hit from a time when French pop was digging very deep and would beat all records of dumbness. At least, that would make people laugh.

Deliciously steamed couscous, fluffed by hand…
Normally, you need a couscoussier with a second level that contain a steaming basket for the grain.
cc image source, if you want to order one for me.

I don’t have that. And my steaming baskets were too small to stay on my broth top. So I installed one this way : tied to a cake grill, it was hanging inside the pot.

Well that works ! A little while ago… that was yesterday no ? I had a couscoussier and that was the only pot I owned in my student room with a mini-kitchenette. I was far from home, and I had to move by train, so I took only my clothes and books. I had to buy stuff for the kitchen, and in France, you can get a very cheap couscoussier in a discount store. It’s very convenient as you can cook in the bottom and reheat stuff in the basket.

So the couscous was steamed in the rules of the art.

Okra and doukan (Winter squash) found their way in the veggie dish.

I wonder how many back legs those chickens have now.

How much harissa do you want ?