Abalone four ways

Last year’s abalone/awabi/ormeau series :

cleaning and cutting abalone

ormeau au beurre (French style buttered abalone)

Korean abalone royal soup

Awabi to kimo (Japanese style)

Abalone ink pasta

And now, heal your tummy with Korean abalone soup

Eating certain shellfish is good for your liver, particularly if you have been over-indulging in rich foods and drinks. Abalone is one of them. So jeonbokjuk is the ideal dish for the season. It can be translated as “Korean abalone rice porrdige” and is a specialty of Cheju Island and of anywhere else in South Korea too.

This Gourmande version is totally unauthentic but it’s inspired from a recipe from Pusan. Eat as you like with kimchi, gochujang sauce, negi leeks, sesame seeds.

The recipes takes a whole abalone. There are variations that don’t use the liver and that’s your only choice if you use canned abalone. But if you have a fresh shellfish, use everything you get. Don’t worry about the color.

The liver is first stir-fried with a mirepoix of vegetables (here garlic, onion, carrot). Then the bits of abalone are added. Then soaked rice and water. I have used whole rice. I have added stalks of asparagus and a little sea salt later.

A dish for a king. I didn’t know I need healing before, but now I feel healed. That should be my brunch every morning.