Cinderella cakes


Very simple, fresh, fruity… The story is not about a pumpkin transformed into a princess car, but it’s very similar.


栗黄金 kurikogane (chestnut yellow gold potato) is the princess of sweet potatoes. It is cultivated in Kagoshima, Kyushu. It’s very sweet and flavorful. They make high quality shochu liquor with it.


This potato just need a few strokes of magic fork to become half a dozen of little cakes.


Very few ingredient :
-a delicious baked sweet potato
-1/2 lemon
-coconut cream
-vanilla powder


Mold the cake with hot potato (mashed + lemon juice), let cool and take out of molds. Then whip the cream, add vanilla.


Ready !



Warm kintoki red bean terrine, with creamy yellow sauce

Today a red veggieful terrine served warm with a creamy sunny sauce that sparkles on the tongue. For a contrast of texture, I ate it with crunchy boiled renkon (lotus root) and a fresh quick tsukemono (grated cabbage, turnip, onion, salt, combined 30 minutes before).
You’ve seen bean terrines before on this blog and you’ll see more because they are very convenient. I can prepare several different ones, bake them together and I have a little stock.

Today’s bean, already boiled of course :

Taisho kintoki mame

This terrine is made of : mashed beans with onion, garlic, miso, paprika and oats for the binding mass.
Inside : whole beans, dices of red and yellow bell pepper, minced onions.

Then, it’s baked and let cool 48 hours before cutting thick slices. They can be reheated in a steamer or the micro-wave.

The sauce is extremely easy to prepare and surpringly refined :
Mix : 1/2 coconut cream, 1/2 coconut milk, a little potato starch, a pinch of curry spice mix (powdered), a good amount of powdered turmeric, 1/4 cup of cut yellow paprika.
Heat 2 minutes in the micro-wave.
Add very strong fine mustard to taste.

Happy rice to empty the fridge

A healthy stir-fry with left-overs of germinated rice :

hatsuga genmai

taasai greens
coleslaw (without sauce)
feet of enoki mushrooms

Fresh jelly ear mushrooms. That’s not a left-over. I bought them on purpose. They have little taste but a refreshing crunchiness.

Stir-fried with garlic, ginger and oyster sauce.

Creamy aurora smoothie

Green energy to run faster and longer. This one is not green at all. It takes its morning sun shades from these “fruits” :

The creaminess is kinudofu, silky tofu. A few anise seeds for the flavors, ice-cubes for freshness, a little apple juice to make it more liquid. Into the blender. Brrrrrr… Yummy !

Plate of India with a pinch of edamania

Edamame, the fresh green soy beans are probably not an Asia tradition, but they fit in so well on a dome of buttered rice.

With leftover cooked brown rice and potatoes, a few veggies, it’s quick to throw in a nice vegetarian Indian one plate meal.

The mild : Cardamom flavored potato and new onion.

The red hot : Garam masala stir-fried okra.

Refreshing mango lassi.

Add a fried egg, and spiced mizuna leaves.

Hmmmm, healthy and satisfying.