Autumn colors (1) : Pumpkin crust


A pie crust colored by the golds of Autumn. It’s easy, delicious and you can use it for many recipes or pies, tarts, etc.

The season’s star : kabocha pumpkin. You can use other types of pumpkin, some will be more watery so you will need to add less water.


Kabocha pumpkin crust : 1/3 boiled pumpkin flesh, 1/3 flour, 1/3 whole wheat flour. Plus a little baling powder, salt and enough of the squash cooking water to for a dough.
It’s not very solid when raw, so spread it on a silpat or a plastic film.

That gives the neutral version for both sweet and savory pies, but you can add sugar or salt and spices too.


Then I baked them at 160 degrees, about 30 minutes.


A dessert version, very lazy. I’ve garnished with coconut cream, walnuts, unsweetened chocolate (100% cocoa mass), cinnamon. The only “sugar” is a minced prune.


March wrap up

Veggie creamy cheesy broccoli delight

The memo about last month’s delicacies…
Of course, the season is tenderly green and full of eggs.

Tsubomina, bud veggie is a star, present in several posts.

Brioche pascale. Baking my nest for Easter.


The delicious black bean burger and its ‘Ramen burger

Also hot topics :

Steamed rice (okowa)

The dairy free : Soy milk – Sesame milk – Soy yogurt – Coconut yogurt…

Sprouty rolled cabbage

Okono-minute, the quickest ‘yaki’

Tofaye, the ultimate potato pot

For tea, season Japanese sweets :


pink and white sakura mochisakura baked donutsakura waffle black sesame purin’ strawberry daifuku little eggs sakura an cream

More wagashi tea sweets.

And for desserts, Easter flying bells diffuse a scent of chocolate in the air. Some cakes that are healthy… well, not too over the top :

Coffee sunglassesGâteau truffe aux kumquatsWhite chocolate cinnamon apple cake Raspeberry choco-carob cakeWhite chocolate Kirschtorte (no bake ‘n healthy) (bottom photo)

More chocolate sweets.


Brun-chi’, ikea guacamole and pumpkin chi’cake (via GiO)


I didn’t get my guacamole in the over-rated box supermarket… the concept is the same : all the bits are in, but not assembled. Avocado,…

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Homely apricot tartelette

No fuss.
I will always favor the humble home-made desserts to the extravagant creations of haute patisserie. Even when they don’t look good like here, they have more soul.

Crust made of flour, rice bran, water and white sesame oil. Baked separately.

I had a left-over of vanilla custard cream. I added a few drops of bitter almond essence.

Add the apricots that macerated one hour in yellow can sugar and Chinese apricot liquor.

Oh that doesn’t look pro. The cream overflowed. That even leaked when I poured the juice from the apricots on top.
So what ? I’m going to sell it. It’s already eaten, plate was licked clean. Mmmm !

Cow cake, was “steamed zebra cake”, from Indonesian in Turkey’s blog

I had decide to make the recipe of the steamed zebra cake on the blog of the
Indonesian in Turkey. Thanks for giving it !

Well, I’ve been a little fast, so the zebra became a cow :

That happens ! It’s cake darwinism. Evolution. LOL
The truth is I didn’t do it so well. And you’ve seen nicer photos too. There are days like that. Neverthless, that was not a failure.
I approximated the proportions to make it small, less sweet, and I have not yet replaced my joking baking powder (I have holes bigger and bigger). My dough had too much flour, it seems. It should have been more liquid. Another change is I flavored with bitter almond (as I was out of vanilla essence).
Anyway that was yummy and very simple to prepare. But follow the original recipe to get a perfect zebra.

I used a mini chiffon cake tin. I steamed it in the rice-cooker as the tin was too high for my favorite steaming baskets. And that’s convenient : a reversed saucer and a little water in the bottom, place the cake on that, switch on…
I was surprised by the texture, heavier like a pound cake (I expected a fluffier “chiffon”). That’s nice too.

(1 mini chiffon size)
Cal464.5 F11.3g C70.0g P21.5g
Hey that’s healthy !

Brun-chi’, ikea guacamole and pumpkin chi’cake

It’s a follow up from yesterday’s :
Three chi’ cakes…

For the brunch (with 1 serving of cake) :
Cal349 F26.4g C42.0g P8.5g

I didn’t get my guacamole in the over-rated box supermarket… the concept is the same : all the bits are in, but not assembled. Avocado, (sudachi) lemon, sea salt, hot chili pepper, onion. On a slice of German Vollkornbrot. This is also laziness, it’s when the baker doesn’t even bother with grounding the rye grains to make the bread. That makes a pair.

I was able to release the kabocha pumpkin cake… Even to cut it. And eat it (for that I never worried).

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