Creme Budwig au riz rouge – red rice Budwig cream(via Gourmande in Osaka)

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The healthiest way to start your day ?

Creme Budwig au riz rouge Red rice Budwig cream. Dr Kousmine and her friend scientist Ms Budwig propose their recipe of Bircher Muesli. It contains the oils and good omegas, the minerals and vitamins our body needs to start a healthy day. That's a breakfast… which means a brunch for me. Budwig Cream generic recipe (you'll find many variations on the web) The idea is to very each day those ingredients so you get the benefits of different nuts, cereals, oils, and to follo … Read More

via Gourmande in Osaka

Chocolate and azuki (via Gourmande in Osaka)

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Chocolate and azuki Azuki beans (3 half-cups, just boiled in water) and an 1 egg for the base. Four tbs of cocoa powder and 10g of cocoa paste for the choco taste. A tbs of dried currents and 1/2 an apple for sweetness (you would probably add sugar) A little kirsch liquor and butter, to make it sinful. All that in the blender, then in slow-heat oven (170 deg C) 50 minutes. Let it cool. Wait 24 to 48 hours to eat… well, you should, flavors take time to develop. My … Read More

via Gourmande in Osaka

Hatsuga Genmai (germinated rice) (via Gourmande in Osaka)

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Hatsuga Genmai (germinated rice) This is called "hatsuga genmai" in Japanese, literally "whole rice with a start of germination" and that's the healthiest way to prepare our rice. The taste is slightly closer to white rice than to brown rice. Why ? The common white rice is mostly starch. Certain white rices still contain their germs, it has more nutrients and elements. Brown rice still has a skin rich in fibers. "hatsuga genmai" has all of that and a very increased level of GABA … Read More

via Gourmande in Osaka

Desserts inclassables – Other sweets (compilation)

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All those that didn’t fit into :

French desserts – Dessert francais (compilation)

Wagashi Saga : Photo-menu of all Japanese sweet posts.

Most of these sweets (not all) are very healthy and can be eaten every day. Whenever it is possible, I use only natural and whole ingredients, little or no added sugar. Many desserts are vegan. A few are decadent…
Enjoy !


The cruel end of Lady Hana in her strudel kimono
Like butter on sweet potato
Marron syrup cream flower


Made with agar (kanten) seaweed.

coconut flower

mango cocoa heat-fighter

fruity animals

Summer spiced wine pears

“cafe au lait, revisited”

buko pandan (Filipina salad)

organza peach

grape marguerite

mousse de vin

3 textures for Belle-Helene



Oat style, not Buck’ Palace shortbread
The simplest aot cookies
Cake a la banane -Banana bread
Strawberry cookies

Opening of Gourmande ice-cream bar : coconut paradise isle-cream
Riz au lait gourmandise d’automne
Hattaiko cake
Kiki the witch bakes cherry bagels

Panna cotta
Pavlova au chocolat
Omelette norvegienne
Flock insane (flocken sahne torte )

Chocolate and azuki
Choco-azuki, le retour
Azu-choco with blueberry


Lighter pain de Genes (with dry apricot)
Papaya on vanilla
Fruits and petals
Flan de tofu au jus de legumes- veggie juice tofu pudding

Iced strawberry-banana
The simplest mango ice-cream
Kiwi smoothie
kiwi and banana on green

Mousse au chocolat vegetale
Salade d’ aloe vera
compote de pomme sur creme d’amandes
Very matcha

Suriminutsu-ppai , like a tiramisu ready in 3 minutes
matcha and mango
Banana tofu pudding with dragon fruit
Mint and melon

Kaki surprise


Bochan kabocha, Thai style
Passion fruit dessert
Thailand street banana roti, with coconut

Sorbet de mangue petillant
Fleur de tofu, torufa (Chinese dessert)

Tapioca pudding without added sugar

Old fashion buckwheat chicken soup

To warm up the fresh nights…

It’s a very economic dish. Supermarkets and butchers sell at extremely cheap price, the bones of chicken with a little meat left on them. That won’t happen in Osaka, but your butcher may also have bones of old cocks, of ducks and other tasty poultries that make the most fragrant soups.
It’s very “long in time”, but you are only active 5 minutes in total. I never buy cubes or powder of “broth”. Even the best brands don’t even remotely taste like the real thing, but they sell well because many have not tasted home-made broth in years, or in their whole life. There exist, in refrigerated sections of certain stores, some liquid concentrated broth. It is slightly better, but extremely expensive.

Chicken broth : Place the bones of one chicken (just rinsed), 2 cloves garlic, 1/4 onion on a dish and bake under the broiler 15 minutes. Transfer in a big pot or crockpot, with kitchen scissors, break the bones wherever you can, add plenty of water. Bring to boil, take away the foam. Cover. On the slowest heat, let 1 hour. Let covered till room temperature, cool in the fridge. The next day, take away the solidified fat.
The stock can be kept in fridge a few days or frozen.

Meat : Scrap the small bits from the bones. Also take the garlic (paste it) and onion.

Buckwheat broth : Prepare of 100% buckwheat noodles (juwari soba) and eat them as you want, but keep the boiling water. Store in fridge.

In a bowl place : 1/2 bowl of buckwheat broth (it’s getting a bit gelatinous), the meat, onion, garlic, chicken broth, sea salt. Reheat in micro-wave. You get this :

Before eating, stir with your spoon, you get your silky ivory chicken nectar soup :