Brun-chi’, ikea guacamole and pumpkin chi’cake (via GiO)


I didn’t get my guacamole in the over-rated box supermarket… the concept is the same : all the bits are in, but not assembled. Avocado,…

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Trois petites marquises noires


Marquise noire gourmande

Yield 4 servings as part of a dessert, 2 servings if there is only the marquise and sauce

cocoa mass 40 g
butter 40 g
sugar 5 g
egg yolk (1) 20 g
“creme de framboise”, a raspberry liquor 15 g
egg white (1) 30 g

Make a mousse : Beat egg whites. Melt cocoa, stir in butter, yolks, sugar, liquid, then, incoporate egg whites in 3 times. Pour in mold(s). Freeze 2 hours, then keep in the fridge. Or refrigerate 6 hours.
It tastes better the next day.

The plate is wet with more “creme de framboise”. The powder is sweet potato (Japanese cake ingredient).

Iced. Thick sweet cranberry juice on the plate.

With green tea.

Brun-chi’, ikea guacamole and pumpkin chi’cake

It’s a follow up from yesterday’s :
Three chi’ cakes…

For the brunch (with 1 serving of cake) :
Cal349 F26.4g C42.0g P8.5g

I didn’t get my guacamole in the over-rated box supermarket… the concept is the same : all the bits are in, but not assembled. Avocado, (sudachi) lemon, sea salt, hot chili pepper, onion. On a slice of German Vollkornbrot. This is also laziness, it’s when the baker doesn’t even bother with grounding the rye grains to make the bread. That makes a pair.

I was able to release the kabocha pumpkin cake… Even to cut it. And eat it (for that I never worried).

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Three chi cakes, and a chi technical error…

Cheeezzzy ? They are so creamy and yummy…

Which one would you have ? There is no cheese at all, let’s call them chi cakes.
Absolutely delicious. The base has a nice nutty flavor, the top is a lightissime creamy mousse. That’s the most important.

I have a little cosmetic concern. Now, how do I take them out of the molds ? Please, post the answer in comment… at the time I’m writing, I don’t know the answer.

Using circles to shape the base was not the brightest thing I’ve ever made. The great texture of the cream is a problem here.
Next time, I will use mini-cupcake molds and paper cases. Because I will do them again.

Corrected version : in mini-cups.

Base (3 cakes):
60 grammes of nuka (rice bran)
40 g of hattaiko (roast barley flour)
sugar at taste

Mix and micro-wave 3 minutes a 900 W. Let cool a little and squeeze in shapes. Let on the counter to dry a little.

Hattaiko cake
About nuka, rice bran


No bake but not no effort…

Good silky texture tofu (kinu dofu). It’s good when it’s tasty without anything added. You need 300 g for the 3 cakes.

Finely pound the tofu in a mortar.

Whip up vegetal cream for whipping. It goes well with tofu.
So this time it’s vegan, dairy free, kosher, you-name-it but if you want it to avoid that, add a little lard… No, it’s a joke. But you can use cream or creme fraiche to make the whipped cream.
I used 150 ml for the 3.
Combine it to the tofu.


Raisins soaked in rum are added to the mix, also sweetener at your taste (I used lakanto “natural” sweetener) and lots of vanilla essence. I have poured the rest of rum on the base, it has absorbed it.

Kabocha pumpkin, cooked, pureed. It didn’t need sweetening for me. I have added spices. I didn’t know which ones that should be, so I tried a Chinese set : cinnamon, Sichuan pepper, nutmeg, anise. That tasted good, I added more anise.

Sweet potato, boiled with its skin. The whole potato is pasted in the mortar. I had to sweeten a little. Flavoring is a few drops of bitter almond essence.

For the whole recipe (with no cal sweetener), that could make 12 small servings (1/4 cake) or 6 big (1/2 cake)
Cal 1107 F59.3g C110.6g P38.7g


It won’t stay that way… quick a photo. I had to reverse it immediately. The base being heavier. It squeezed the cream. Then :

Can you see the shape of heart ? Not really, ne ? That was still possible to cut and serve :

Desserts inclassables – Other sweets (compilation)

NB : Click on the text, not the images.

All those that didn’t fit into :

French desserts – Dessert francais (compilation)

Wagashi Saga : Photo-menu of all Japanese sweet posts.

Most of these sweets (not all) are very healthy and can be eaten every day. Whenever it is possible, I use only natural and whole ingredients, little or no added sugar. Many desserts are vegan. A few are decadent…
Enjoy !


The cruel end of Lady Hana in her strudel kimono
Like butter on sweet potato
Marron syrup cream flower


Made with agar (kanten) seaweed.

coconut flower

mango cocoa heat-fighter

fruity animals

Summer spiced wine pears

“cafe au lait, revisited”

buko pandan (Filipina salad)

organza peach

grape marguerite

mousse de vin

3 textures for Belle-Helene



Oat style, not Buck’ Palace shortbread
The simplest aot cookies
Cake a la banane -Banana bread
Strawberry cookies

Opening of Gourmande ice-cream bar : coconut paradise isle-cream
Riz au lait gourmandise d’automne
Hattaiko cake
Kiki the witch bakes cherry bagels

Panna cotta
Pavlova au chocolat
Omelette norvegienne
Flock insane (flocken sahne torte )

Chocolate and azuki
Choco-azuki, le retour
Azu-choco with blueberry


Lighter pain de Genes (with dry apricot)
Papaya on vanilla
Fruits and petals
Flan de tofu au jus de legumes- veggie juice tofu pudding

Iced strawberry-banana
The simplest mango ice-cream
Kiwi smoothie
kiwi and banana on green

Mousse au chocolat vegetale
Salade d’ aloe vera
compote de pomme sur creme d’amandes
Very matcha

Suriminutsu-ppai , like a tiramisu ready in 3 minutes
matcha and mango
Banana tofu pudding with dragon fruit
Mint and melon

Kaki surprise


Bochan kabocha, Thai style
Passion fruit dessert
Thailand street banana roti, with coconut

Sorbet de mangue petillant
Fleur de tofu, torufa (Chinese dessert)

Tapioca pudding without added sugar