I heart skewers


Mini yakitori lunch with skewers of chicken hearts. But let’s start with veggies :


Red sweet pepper.


Summer kabocha.


Chilled cream :
I put in the blender boiled kabocha, a raw red pepper, a few steamed shimeji mushrooms, a little miso and 2 tbs of roast sesame.
Served very cold with freshly ground black pepper on top.
It’s sweet, feeling and refreshing.


Chicken hearts and green sweet pepper skewers. To grill in the oven-toaster.


I’ve painted a few times the hearts with this so-su ( Worscester-style sauce).


Konnyaku noodles and sweet chili sauce.



Kogomi (fiddleheads) and heart lettuce yakisoba

Têtes de violon.

Kogomi. Fiddleheads.

Another green Spring lunch.

That’s the season for this wood veggie. They are sprouts of ferns. Maybe they are good for health, maybe they are toxic. Well once a year, that shouldn’t kill me too fast.

They are not very bitter. I boiled a few minutes and refreshed in iced water.

For the sauce, I mixed (brown) miso, rice vinegar, a little sugar and hot mustard. Added a few minced negi leeks.

Yakisoba, sti-fried Chinese noodles.

With chicken hearts and lettuce.

Eating hearts and flowers – Coeurs et fleurs dans l’assiette

Hanami mood… edible flowers were on sale.
Flower salad made of (salted) young onion, steamed romanesco broccoli, myoga and pansies.
Hearts of chicken cooked with red onion and a little garlic, then with raspberry flavored wine vinegar.

Cal 417 F18.0g C30.5g P34.7g

Fr :
C’est la saison des fleurs, mangeons-en.
Salade fleur avec des florets de chou romanesco vapeur, de l’oignon jeune (degorge au sel), du myoga et quelques pensees.
Coeurs de poulet cuits avec un oignon rouge, un peu d’ail, puis un filet de vinaigre a la framboise.