September’s round up

A little retrospective about last month.
In September, the readers’ favorites are :

Sprouted hemp seed bread, improved version
Simple 10 minute falafels
Milk your beans (make soy milk)
Eating like a queen : bouchée à la reine
Yaki ika, Ika yaki (Japanese calamari)
Kabocha and carrot kibbeh

Sweets :

Farz fou ! Crazy pagan baking.

Guilt free chocolate cake
Kabocha polka-dot yokan

Hey, the kabocha is getting popular as Autumn is looming…

Some more :

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Desserts :

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Whole hemp seed pain brioché

Not just bread. That’s like cake. Pain brioché.
There are no eggs and no butter in it, but you’d swear the contrary. It’s a variation of :

Sprouted hemp seed bread (click here for recipe)

I have added kurozato (black sugar) and blueberries into the dough after first rise.

Then second rise in the molds, more kurozato on top.

Mmmm… caramelised top.

Melty blueberries. It’s delicious served hot, with coffee. Next time, I’ll made it muffin shaped.

Sprouted hemp seed bread, improved version

That’s a HUGE HUGE progress from my hemp seed soda bread, version beta (click here) :

The color is very different but it’s made with roughly the same ingredients. I eyeballed the flour, but I’ve used 1 cup of raw hemp seeds and in both cases mixed with about 3 cups of flour (AP, I make my mix).

The issue was the bits of bran still hard under the teeth. I had soaked the seeds only one day.

I have soaked the seeds much longer. 3 days. And I obtained germinated hemp seeds. 


Mixed in yeasted bread dough. Added flour to get a soft paste. I kneed it with a wooden spoon.

Low tide.

High tide.

In that kind of experiment, you never know what the bread will look like. The dough had already more than doubled of volume when I put them in the oven. But they might have expanded more.

Eh no, flat surface bread. But mmm… will do it again. Let’s soak the bird food.

Tutti veggy hemp milk quiche-pastilla, an easy recipe

That’s very simple. That takes 3 minutes to prepare.

And you get this nutty quiche style dairy free tarte. Pastilla ? Because the crust is made by piling oiled “brik” wheat sheets, like for the pastilla pie.

It’s delicious hot or cold. Ideal for this season.

Wheat roll Spring skins + veggies + hemp milk and egg mix.
I made the hemp milk from whole seeds, that gave it the color. It had a creamy texture.

I just added origan, olive oil and paprika.

Baked !

The veggies (bell peppers, mushrooms, young onions…) appear as you crunch in it. They are deliciously baked.

Hemp seed soda bread. When whole food is too whole…

UPDATE : That recipe was a kind of fail, but you may still want to read why. Then see the successful version in this post.

New version !

(en of update).

Hemp seeds, that sounded so cool… I’m a fashion victim. I was seeing the raw hemp seed on all the blogs of the world. So rich in proteins, nutrients, good fat, fiber. I had to try. I went to buy some.

That’s from the bird food corner. That’s bird food here. Because that’s bird food. The problem is I’m not a bird.

Problems :

1. bloggers don’t use those hemp seeds. Most used a processed protein powder. The courageous ones seem to buy shelled hemp seed. That’s different. I don’t see how to take away the shell.
2. the grain is hard and the shell or bran is hard and cutting. You’d say a layer of metal with concrete inside. Even if you soaked it.
3. soaking 1, grinding, soak 2 more days, regrinding, all that with lemon juice is not enough to make the shell softer.

Conclusion :

1. the hemp fad is a big joke unless you buy the processed products. I won’t because a lot of the interest is lost and anyway the prices of that type of imported hyped health food is prohibitive.
2. if it’s whole, hemp seed has to be milled + soaked in acid + milled + mixed with softer food + cooked long enough to be edible.
3. milk can be made and cooked.

So, I add my paste not edible after 3 days. I’ve added ground sesame (30% of weight of hemp), and flour (same amount as total of seeds). And I’ve made a soda bread :

The bread looks like that. And the appearance is not bad at all. It’s not uniform as the mix was falling toward the bottom.

And I loved the taste, deliciously nutty. BUT.
I’m still not convinced that’s fully edible. The black bits still feel hard on the tongue. They are not digestible. A slice once in while won’t do me bad, I think, so I’ve frozen the rest. But I’m not really satisfied.

Does anyone cook (or prepare) whole hemp seeds ?