Gougères aux herbes


A classic appetizer or snack food from Bourgogne (Burgondy), the cheese gougères. Served freshly baked, still hot with wine or a drink. Mmmm…


It’s the same recipe as the choux (cream puffs, here). Today my cheese was the infamous process product, I’ve added a little nutmeg and some fragrant fresh herbs to compensate.


And rosemary.


Baked till golden. Devoured 1 minutes after the photoshoot…



Green duet. Herb and prune pounti, and cucumber lemon balm salad


A big pounti pie, and 2 small ones…
I made this dish before and there is some explanation of its origins as a French peasant dish :
about the “pounti aux pruneaux”


I had really lots of herbs around. Can you name them ?


Starting easy : Spinach.




Shiruna, beet greens.


Karashina (takana), mustard greens. If you follow this blog you’ve seen them (here)






A milky cuke salad, flavored with fresh lemon balm. I had big huge cucumbers like in France. The local ones are much smaller usually.



There are prunes in the pountis. The sweet and savory contrast is excellent.



Soupe du jour : Cerfeuil (chervil)

A milky bowl of chervil flavor. Another familial success.

Somen noodles (wheat vermicelly), cheese.

Onion and cut chervil infused milk (kept overnight, reheated).

Voila. Miam… er no.

Japanese chervil (grown locally but exotic in concept) is not as fragrant as the European version. It’s cute. They use it mostly to decorate the desserts. So I needed to add much more.

A crouton. Not necessary, but yummy.

Poulet farci à la sauge et purée aux olives (chicken, sage, olives, sunny day…)

Sage stuffed chicken and olive mashed potatoes.

Lemon juice marinated chicken breast, filled with sage and cheeese, baked.

Fork mashed potatoes, with a pinch of nutmeg. Topped by minced black olive. Drizzled with fruity olive oil.

Chili and garlic sautéed mizuna.

Baked tomates provençales.

The four aces…
Winner meal !

Omelette et trois fines herbes

Omelette baveuse. Ciboule japonaise (negi leeks).

Creamy tomato soup. Sage.

Couscous and tzatziki. Mint.

A quick lunch with 3 herbal flavors.

Tzatziki of cucumbers, garlic, salt, pepper, lemon, yogurt… lots of fresh mint. Let it refresh one hour or more.

Good fresh style omelette like here (click on text):
La baveuse, a French omelette for a gourmande mouth…

Garnished with shiitake mushrooms and negi leeks.

You don’t make simpler than this soup : cooked white beans (from my freezer stock), tomato puree, salt and sage, into the blender. Reheat gently.

Le grand farçoune aux herbes – Nanohana blossom pie

Spring on the table : Rape blossom pie in the style of the farçoune aux herbes from Aveyron (France). That’s a nice starter, or a whole meal.

You have seen my 2 previous versions :

Mimi blossom pie

Peasant herb pie


Minced… and stuffed with stir-fried bacon bits. So too bitsy that you don’t see, but if you ate, you’d feel them. Yummy !

Mini blossom pie

A new batch of fluffy nanohana (rape blossoms) for a second try at the farcoune aux herbes without a topping. Just eggs and herbs, no meat.
The first version was :

chunky herb pie

More compact… Yeah ! That makes a delicious little side dish.
You’ll see the final version soon.