Summer salad with argan oil and black beans


Black beans have a Winter image… I refreshed them with greens and juicy items for a nutritive Summer salad meal.

Fragrant argan oil from Morocco, a little garlic, salt and balsamic vinegar for the dressing.


The companions of the kuromame (black soy beans, that were boiled and frozen) are edamame, sliced okra, shimeji mushrooms and green sweet chilis. I’ve added a little minced hot chili. I’ve steamed all that together. Added the dressing, let cool.


Tofu, natto and green caviar…



A very nutritious and delicious Okinawan style dish. It’s plant based, and easy to prepare… if you have the ingredients.
Well, go and fish that green caviar sea weed :

DSC00119-003 umi-budo (more here)


It’s very firm momendoufu (cotton tofu). I have pressed it with plate, slightly to extract excess water. The natto (fermented soy beans) is mixed with mustard and black rice vinegar. Around, you see bits of negi whites and shishito green pepper.


Tofu du jour, left-over style

Yes, this plate looks like a garbage dump. That was tasty garbage. The soft tofu was let to drain under a plate during one hour. So it stays in cubes in the sauce.

A rest of tomato meat sauce, volumed up by konnyaku cut in cubes.

Shiso, for the green balance.

Slices of lotus root to get something crunchy under the teeth.
Here is a good lunch :

Rosy champuru

Champuru, champloo~, it is the Okinawan scramble eggs, or scramble tofu, or usually both.

Go~ya champloo~ and Okinawan soba
second version
3rd : crab champuru with Okinawan tofu

Today is done with silky tofu, egg, tomato paste, mizuna leaves, bacon bits. Topped with parsley and black sesame (ground).

Mix and eat.

Red lentil crackers, two flavors

Crackers made with red lentil flour. I passed the lentils in the coffee mill. Then it’s extremely simple.

That makes tasty crackers richer in proteins. Both taste great. I prefer… the garlic parsley ones.

To the lentil flour, I’ve added 1/2 volume of flour, olive oil, salt, just enough water. Half with powdered sesame, black pepper, spice mix and poppy seeds. Half with minced parsley and grated garlic.

Baked !

Top and back have different colors.

The 2 types, ready to be munched. I can use them as a snack to carry in my bag. Perfect.

nuka rice bran crackers

red lentil crisp bread