Cheese and flowers : Sakura from Hokkaido

Sakura, a cherry blossom cheese. It’s a delight.
A special offer at the local shop. It’s as costly as imported cheese, as it has no relation with the mass produced standard “Japanese cheese”.

The packaging is nice too. It’s a cow milk cheese, with the addition of a salt pickled cherry blossom and leaf.

It got a prize in Switzerland as you can see.
It is made in this farm in Hokkaido. They have cows from Switzerland. I see that they even make raclette. It’s tempting. Maybe you’ll see some here…

It’s a strong cheese, and yes, it clearly tastes of cherry blossom.

I bought the bread too. It’s a black rice bread. It’s a bit different from mine.

So now, we can have a nice tray of Japanese cheese and bread.

Eat your greens in matcha pasta

Because we eat with the eyes first, some home-made egg pasta with matcha (powdered tea for ceremony).

A flavorful home-made tomato and meat sauce. I juiced the leftovers of beef and carrot stew, added herbes de Provence and tomato paste. Added the bits of leftover meat. Reheated a little.

Boeuf-carottes forever

Hokkaido cheddar.

Yummy !