An axoa with 1, 2, 3, 4 peppers…



Another Basque dish, to match the cakes. It’s called axoa, and you say that : “ashowa” like ” Ah ! shhh ! wah ! “. Because it’s …mmm, and you never make enough of it.


The name would refer to hashing, the meat, the veggies…


Veal is more common. I’ve used pork. To compensate the absence of the famous Espelette pepper for which this dish was invented, I’ve mixed :
-fresh long green sweet peppers
-fresh red paprika
-a bit of frozen hot Korean red chili
-some paprika powder


That’s ready :


That goes well with garlic flavored potatoes.


Cordes aux sardines et piments verts – Spicy fish pasta

Simple one-plate dinner.

Shredded white cabbage.

Extra-huge super-al dente spaghetti. It’s a special size. I call them “cordes” (ropes in French). I love them !

Sauce made of oil sardines, garlic, green chili pepper (1 very, the others quite hot), tomato, black olives.

2 servings :

Cal 709 F18.9g C93.5g P42.8g