Pommes de terre nouvelles au cerfeuil – Greened potatoes



Maybe what I love the most about Osaka is having the bright skies year round. That’s usually like. Now we are having a little age of shadows. It’s incredibly dark, rain, pollen, smog… But not everything is lost as flowers are lighting it up. I’m not eaten the rape blossoms too, just taking the colors as inspiration.


It’s simply steamed potatoes and a chervil vinaigrette.


Chervil, chili, onion, salt, pepper, olive oil, red wine vinegar. Pour on the cut hot potatoes. And eat !


SOBA ike-men (noodle arrangement)

Soba : Japanese buckwheat noodles made of pure buckwheat, buckwheat and wheat, or wheat and tea for matcha soba. Do not confuse with *chuka soba* and *yaki soba* which are ramen (Chinese style noodles).

More about noodle types :
Guided tour of my soba closet

home-made soba

Classics :

Old style soba lunch

Ikura tororo soba – fishy, creamy, chewy

Iwashi soba . Sardine soba-soup

Toshikiri-soba is Japanese New-Year kiss

Okinawan soba

Many variations :

hot salad pasta

soba cube

Crosses en goma-ae et soba

hatcho-miso soba

The “I am cold” Miso Soup

Soba chic sauce

Basil’n peas…

Zaru soba variation

with tomato tsuyu (zaru soba)

Instant ketchup for soba

Dry soba for rainy season

Matcha soba and rei-shabu

matcha soba bok choy

Soba and fragrant tofu

Soba and Five Fragrances

clams around the plate

Soba Mediterraneen (cheese gratin)