Veggie quickie


A simple veggie lunch plate, with a refreshing dessert. It’s hot, which is normal for the season, even if the news want to make us believe it’s a surprising phenomenon. I eat in consequences.


I’ve started with the mushrooms, cooking them in olive oil with minced garlic and salt. Then added red cabbage.


Then mixed in natto, goya (bitter squash), mitsuba leaves and stalks.


On top : flakes of chili pepper.


I bought these cubes of nata de coco. I really like eating them very cold in Summer. I’ve covered them with home-made coconut yogurt and sprinkled a little nutmeg.



Okra green curry


For hot weather, a dish from a hot country : Thai green curry. I’ve loaded it with okras, the hydrating greens that help fight the heat.


Today’s basket is very juicy : okra, green sweet chili peppers, tomatoes, enoki mushrooms


First : carrots, onion, coriander roots, lemon grass, sansho peppercorns…
Then : Thai green curry paste, coconut milk, chicken legs…
Finally : the veggies, a few laurel leaves, and at the end, bits of peeled lemon…


That gives a big volume !


And steamed potatoes. Yes, that should be rice, but I wanted tatoes for their potassium… and well, I wanted to eat them with whatever.



Red wine mushrooms and refreshing lunch…


Another refreshing lunch for hot days. Delicious and plant-based except for the broth (that you can replace by a kombu dashi).


That’s from an idea seen on pinterest from this blog. I have not followed exactly. I refried garlic, rosemary in olive oil, added wine, simmered shimeji mushrooms. Garnished with negi leek and parsley. Warm, I was not too crazy about it, maybe I put too much rosemary. It’s better chilled, so I have kept it for the next lunch, now.


I had chicken stock left, cooled. So I’ve added chili pepper, ground black pepper,and sansho peppercorns to spice it. Boiled and chilled soba noodles to dip in.

If you like soba see this compil’.


Side veggies : lettuce, steamed kabocha and okara veggie patties (recipe here).


Island fish, somen chilled vermicelli and rape blossoms…


A slice of tai (seabream)cooked nearly like a dessert, with warm cake flavors : vanilla, almond… Chilled noodles. Greens. Natto. That makes a hot day lunch.


I first stir-fried the renkon (lotus root, sliced) and onion (sliced), put them aside. Then in the same pan, the fish with a little bit of star anise, salted. In a cup, I mixed saffron, vanilla powder, water, a pinch of sugar. 1/4 ts of potato starch. I’ve added to the fish when it was cooked, turned 2 or 3 times while reheating on low heat. I finished with a few drop of almond oil.



Steamed na-no-hana (rape blossoms) with sesame seeds.


Somen : thin wheat vermicelli. It’s boiled, refreshed in fresh water and served in a bowl of iced water. Next to it a dipping sauce : dashi (fish broth), black rice vinegar, onion et soy sauce.


Another little side, natto with nira (garlic chives) and onion.


Go go-ya ! an Okinawan super food

That’s the beast. Goya. Say go-ya. It’s the infamous bitter cucumber. I didn’t like it much the first time… That really depends how it’s prepared. Now it’s one of my favorites.

What is great about it ? Well, it has all the antioxidants of dark greens, watery texture and hydrating property of cucumbers, fiber and also thanks to bitterness it’s great to eat in hot weather.

A few years ago, that was not common in Osaka. That’s known as an Okinawan vegetable. But people got hooked to it, and more was proposed on markets, then they tried to grow it even in “continental” Japan. So we get it cheaply in season, available all year. The hot season is ending now… but I still get it a couple of times.

Red seeds indicate extreme maturation in sunlight. They are good, just eat them at once.

There are white ones too, with similar taste.

You simply need to discard seeds and scrub the white part.

Often sliced that way.

Preparation tips :

1. eat it raw, or only slightly cooked before it loses vivid colors : salads, steamed, stir-fry, etc
2. you can reduce bitterness by scrubbing well, slicing finely and salting then letting 20 minutes and rinsing

What to do with it ?

kefta spag’
tofu chigae
pasta avocanaise

panda salad

As a drink :
Shiri-shiri with goya
Another goya shiri shiri

dashi’t pickles
Go~ya champloo~ and Okinawan soba
white bean goya
chakin egg sushi and natsu chirashi
white goya in pesto rice