Tartelette sésamine aux figues

A little treat : let’s bake a fig tartelette. Simple, dairy-free, vegan, but it’s universally delicious. The secret weapon is sesame.

Flour, oil, water a little sugar, a pinch of salt, you have a very thin crust.

About 1/2 cup of powdered roast sesame seeds, a tbs of corn starch and a little kurozato black sugar.

The figs cut in slices will release their juice on the powder that will become a creamy bed.

On the figs, more black sugar, a few raw sesame seeds. I’ve let them one hour to marinate the figs.

Baked. Let cool, serve chilled.

Mmmm… As you can see, the juicy caramelized figs on top, the fine crispy crust under and in between a generous layer of sesame cream.

Enjoy with rose flavored Ceylon tea.