Petit jambon antillais (pineapple baked ham)

Jambon de Noël antillais
This is another style of Christmas ham, from the Antilles (French Caribbean islands). That’s addictive. I could eat some in all seasons. It’s fruity, spicy and fun. It’s hard to stop eating it. Probably impossible. That was 3 portions for an animal of the size of the gourmande. I’ve schlurped it all in one sitting, licked the plate, the fingers, the dish.
So you’re warned : Make it at the right size or invite the right number of persons.

It’s a boring white ham but of good quality of meat and not many additives. And they discount them from now. That’s perfect for that kind of recipe.

Shopping list :
-buy one more ham.

The net made indentation, I’ve cut a little further to allow flavor to get inside :

Dark rum, cinnamon sticks, clove, nutmeg, black pepper, black sugar and a little vinegar… and later I’ve added slices of raw ginger, bits of pineapple and juice.

Bagged and put to marinate 2 days in the fridge.

Baked one hour with regular showers of marinade (plus 1 tbs of honey). Then I added more pineapple, poured half of a lemon juice on the top, and I decorated with cloves. Baked again half an hour.

Serve with rice and…

… steamed rape blossoms with lemon.

A sweet potato baked at the same time made the dessert.

Edit of shopping list :
-buy 2 hams… no 3 or 4.

Retro Christmas (2) Jambon en croûte aux marrons

CHAUD DEVANT ! Beware, I’m carrying hot stuff !
That’s the masterpiece of the meal. A rustic bake ham in a crust of soft and crispy bread.
Christmas ham is very old tradition. Middle-Age, or even before. In some places the baked ham or the baked ham pie has survived.

It is a very simple version with chestnut stuffing and buckwheat (plus wheat) bread. The luxury ingredient is the shallots. I find them very irregularly in Japan, and I stock them for French dishes.

The ham, shallots and chestnuts marinated with white wine and black pepper. The stuffing was stir-fried and flambe-ed with shochu liquor.

Packed !

Hot from the oven.

That really has a Christmas taste. Hot ham, melting sweet stuffing, soft bread… what more do you want ? The buckwheat brings a nutty flavor very pleasant.