Brochettes et marrons


Brochette is the French for skewer, and it’s usually meat and veggie ones. Then the season of kuri (Japanese chestnut)is open…


Small steak cuts of lean Japanese beef.


On skewers with onion and red sweet pepper. I’ve passed olive oil, salt, black pepper and thyme. Let one hour.


Then grilled.


The chestnuts roasted with a few small sweet potatoes.



This fiery soup is made in the blender with the cut outs of onion, red pepper, a glass of white wine, 2 tbs of sesame, 1 ts of miso. Then simmered a few minutes.


Japanese New-Year count down (-5)

Let’s continue our walk to the Japanese New Year meal with something sweet… You can call it a dessert, but the concept is ignored in traditional Japanese meals, particularly Osechi Ryori. Sweet, savory, savory-sweet are presented together…

Kurikinton , a chestnut treat.

Well there are homonyms… kuri kinton and kuri kinton
When I came to Japan, I first saw the New Year Osechi Ryori kuri kinton 栗金団, and well, when I hear the name, I think of this kind. “kin” means gold, and well, for simple brains like mine, it looks like it :



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Gold and Chestnuts – Another kuri kinton (via GiO)


It’s a soft-textured dessert. The recipe used for New Year is different. As the season is over, they paste chestnuts that are preserved in syrup and colored with a dry kuc…

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Kuri 1, the Japanese chestnut (via gourmande in Osaka)

L.Y. Grilled Japanese chestnut + 5 recipes…

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The kuri, Japanese chestnut is not like the chestnut I knew in France.

The flesh is more yellow…

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