Pumpkin curry with wined chestnuts, cilantro falafels


A deliciously flavored soup curry, with kabocha, wine flavored kuri chestnuts and hanamame giant beans. And a side of cilantro falafels. Some people are genetically designed to hate cilantro/coriander and it takes a really bad taste in their mouth. That’s really sad. I have to luck to appreciate this herb and I never have enough of it.


Soaked chick peas, mixed with onion, coriander (root, stalk, leaves), chili flakes, Sichuan pepper, salt.


Served with a dip of harissa… well it’s mixed with tomato sauce. Cucumbers, cilantro (the leaves) and shikwasa citrus salad.


Mmm… a dream if you love both falafels and coriander.


Kabocha pumpkin curry :
A cut of steamed kabocha, steamed with skin. Pasted with 1/2 block of tofu, 1 tbs of Japanese curry spice mix, 2 tbs of sakekasu sake lees, salt, water. I simmered the mix till it became thick. Garnished with hanamame beans and wined chestnuts :


White wine chestnuts :
That’s ideal if you have chestnut that start to dry a little.
Soak them 2 hours, then you can easy cut out the hard shell.
In fresh water, soak overnight, you can then take away the inner skin. Most of it. A large part of it. Actually, you want to leave a small amount for flavor. Break them in 2 or 3 parts.
Then I’ve drained the chestnuts, put in rice cooker, added a glass of white wine, a little sugar, a pinch of salt, 1/2 glass of water (to cover). Switched on. That stopped when the liquid had evaporated. You can do it in a pan or a crock-pot, simply simmer very gently.
They are good to add to sauces and dishes, just a few to pinpoint. You will discover the refined taste.


A nice meal, rich in legumes and fragrances.



Soupe du jour : kare and mint

Kare is the Japanese for curry. It has become a type of curry as most times it is based on the following spice mix :

The SB spice mix : turmeric, coriander, cumin, fenugreek, blacj pepper, hot chili, chimpi (yuzu peel), etc.
So you can make yours.
I like adding to that mix : more turmeric, more coriander, a little nutmeg.

Basic kare soup :
In a little oil, fry lots of onion, a dry chili, a little garlic and ginger. Add the spice powder, fry a few seconds. Wet with broth (here duck broth). Let simmer (here 1 hour). Add salt and more spices if needed.
You can pass in the blender or let the onions in chunks.

Thick version : thicken with cornstarch or potato starch after simmering. It’s possible to make a flour roux from the start, but I find that makes it more delicate to simmer longly without being there to check water level.

Gu (elements) : Mushrooms, red sweet pepper, yurine.

Yurine (lily root).

Fresh mint.