Random soup


A soup made of all the leftovers :
-purple sweet potato
-cod fish
-jelly fish (preserved in salt, soaked)
-chick peas
-red wine
Simmer, then add Kintoki red carrot and turmeric.


And it’s… delicious indeed.


Steamed kabocha with sesame oil and sesame seeds.


Steamed okra and sudachi lime.


A yummy Winter lunch.


Medusa salada

Do you know this seafood ? It has a light sea taste, it’s crunchy under the teeth.

Some species of fish and seafood had been over-fished and are threatened by extinction. For some, it’s the contrary :

mefusa (image from wiki)

These are invading the beaches, stinging the surfers… So, in Asia, we eat them ! And it’s really good.

I buy them dried in salt. It’s refrigerated in this weather, but you can keep it a while in a cool room. I put them one hour to soak, changing water twice.

The classic sauce : rice vinegar, sugar, fragrant sesame oil, chili pepper and garlic.

Sliced goya bitter squash and grated daikon radish complete the salad.

I mix it all in the sauce before eating.

Side dish : lettuce rice-paper cones, to dip in the rest of sauce.

That makes a very filling but light dinner, perfect for a day when heat beats records.

Ama-ebi, Hokkaido sweet shrimps, with radish sushi

Ama-ebi is a small cold water shrimp. The Japanese name means “sweet shrimp” and they have a sweet taste when eaten raw. I think they are called “Nordic shrimps” in English.
The best is to eat them fresh and raw, simply. Just let the tip of the tail.

That’s not very filling, so I made a radish chirashi-zushi (plate sushi).

Cook genmai (brown rice), shred and salt the radish greens. Add Japanese 2/3 black vinegar, 1/3 sake. In a big bowl, mix the liquid into the rice while you ventilate with a fan. That makes the rice shiny. Add black sesame seeds.
Garnish with the radish root cut as you like.

The third dish is (bought) jelly fish in spicy sesame oil, I put it in cucumber, added a little roast nori seaweed.

(it’s a double serving of rice)
Cal497.5 F8.8g C85.4g P35.5g

(to be continued)