Electrolyte refill smoothie


When it’s hot, we sweat a lot and lose water. And we also eliminate precious elements, electrolyte or ions, whatever sports drink maker call them. We don’t need to buy their powders to replace them. Let’s get all the nutrients with a natural drink.


Moloheya (molokhia), this herb has a jelly texture like okra (gumbo), and that comes with the property of maintaining hydration. Like those sports gels.


It’s a smoothie of frozen banana (for its carbs and potassium) , molokhia and a little lemon juice. Now we need sodium ? Well on the glass.


I know the color is not superb, but the taste is very fruity, the texture deliciously creamy and it’s very efficient.


Fast-food sized carotene

Aaaaah I’m going to fall in the flowers !
Actually this was the size of the monkey-P they served me last (and first) time I went to that world-wide chain of coffee-in-paper-cup. Even if it had been coffee at my taste (for me they over-infuse it), that would have been less good from the second 1/4 of their huge cup, and really unpleasant at the end. A too big serving kills the taste.
That was not even the biggest size of bucket. They had larger. And now, they even sell bigger… Why that ?

Mine is healthy, just juice and water.

Carrots make you kind.
Carrots give you a natural tan.
Carrots are good for the eyes. Have you ever seen a rabbit with glasses ?

Island pharaon’s

Too hot for food shopping. I ate F.L.O. (frozen left overs). Do you recognize the elements ?

Okinawan shiri-shiri drink (today tomato juice + awamori sweet sake + meyer lemon juice + shredded goya)
Okinawan rafute pig trotters with kombu.
Shiri-shiri and trotter lunch, Okinawan style


Organic couscous, moloukhia (reheated with green chilis and chick peas) and quail eggs.
Pain de campagne, moloukhia and ras-el-hanout chick peas…

Cal 694.5 F29.7g C81.0g P29.5g