Little raw pumpkin pies in 3 ingredients

The colors of Autumn in the nature and in the plate. Today, it’s orange, brown and the fire of spices. Here is a raw vegan dessert to re-balance a little my diet as I don’t much raw these days.

The principal ingredients are :

Kabocha pumpkin
Raw sesame seeds

Plus spices.

The crust is pasted sesame seeds and pasted prune. I’ve added a little yuzu zest for flavor. I dried the tartelettes at 120 degrees in the oven toaster.

The filling : Raw kabocha flesh and same volume of water in the blender till it becomes a puree. Then I’ve added pasted prune to sweeten, powdered spices (cardamom, black pepper, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, habanero) and a few spoons of powdered sesame seed.

Fill the crusts and let a few hours. The mix thickens a little.

Delicious served cool or warm.

Kabocha mousse et matcha au lait

A cute mini-meal, totally in this season’s mood.

A mousse made of mashed boil kabocha, pumpkin spices, a little sugar (optional), (veg) whipped cream and cream cheese. The stalk is made of cream cheese, passed in green powder and sugar.

The matcha au lait is a big hit in Japanese fast-food coffes. Matcha green tea powder and foamed milk.

My pumpkin pie fix

These sweet pumpkin pies are all over the web, so I ended up craving for one. I have never eaten an American pumpkin pie, so I have no idea about the taste and texture, and I’m not sure I’d love it. So I was idealizing my pie as a crunchy and nutty cup, filled with fruity kabocha and overflowing light fluffy cream…

Crust : oat and white sesame, a little sugar. It’s prebaked.
Filling : Cream cheese, (veg) cream, sugar and spices with pasted freshly kabocha. It’s 90% kabocha.





Two bouquets of flower beans, konnyaku curry…

Two dishes with these huge murasaki hanamame, the flower beans. Then a curry and a pasta salad. That makes a pleasant little lunch.

Konnyaku, boiled kabocha skins, onions, hijiki sea weeds and curry spices reheated together. The kabocha flesh makes the sauce and brings sweeteness. That’s a good match.

A quick pasta salad : tomato sauce pasta l.o. plus cabbage, red sweet chili and black Chinese vinegar.

I’ve added natto in the beans’ cooking broth. Then salt and toasted sesame.

For dessert : honey sweetened beans (see here).


Coleslaw is one of those classic that has no classic recipe. So you can make it 1000 times and different each time. Isn’t today’s a pleasure for the eyes.

Red cabbage, negi leek whites, kabocha pumpkin and goya bitter squash.

A simple rice vinegar and olive oil vinaigrette. What makes id special is th handful of negi greens and the 1/4 ts of nutmeg.

It’s delicious one hour after mixing.

August veg’ lunch plate

Colors and vitamins with season veggies.

This Kintoki red bean waffle (like this) is a bit broken. Well, it’s totally broken. It’s necessary to add some potato or corn starch as a binder. Not much, but the amount depends on the beans and these needed more than the small adzuki. It’s flavored with Chinese miso, turmeric, garlic, sesame and cubes of goya bitter squash.

With a sauce made of tomato, olive oil, cumin, spices, chili.

Finely grated raw kabocha pumpkin.

Steamed taasai greens. It’s called B. rapa var. narinosa in vegetable patch Latin. It’s spelled like that in Asian hieroglyphs : 搨菜. And in English ? No idea. Well, greens are always good to take. I got them for a song at the market.

More sliced goya.