Creamy bean gratin

Many veggies around a hot gratin. Another easy lunch.

2 servings of (frozen) white beans as a base. Plus tomato paste, garlic, sage, silky tofu. On top, parmesan cheese and olive oil.

Simple one ingredient recipe : small Japanese turnips. And that’s all.

They get dried and slightly “burnt” first. The juice caramelised and gave them a sweet taste.

I should get more leafy greens no ? Oh, an idea :

Express kale soup (powder for smoothies) with South-Asian spices : galangal, lemon grass, leafs of citrus.

Kale rice

Not kare rice (kare raisu)… That’s childish wordplay. The Japanese for kale is keeru not kare.
Well the tittle says, it’s rice in kale sauce.

I’m a beotian foodie… So kale is simply chou frisé in French, totally ordinary curly cabbage. When I think I was envying the bloggers that had kale. I badly wanted to try fresh kale. We only see it in aojiru (herb juice). And I complained recently that my kale aojiru tasted of cabbage. Why wouldn’t it ? I should have looked for the French name. I did. Stupor : I have eaten kale, well refused to eat some, all my childhood. That was commonplace in potée (veggie stew).

So, it’s hot genmai brown rice, mixed in kale juice spiced by wasabi, with a few capers. A green rice salad.

A boiled egg.

And the heat : Shichimi togarashi spice mix, ground black sesame, whole white sesame, natural sea salt.

Miso soup with carrots and :

Oboro kombu. It’s made of kombu seaweed and vinegar.

Put it into the soup…
(This image was rejected by moderation of the photo host… I guess the moderator is a robot or a martian. Who else would see a problem here ? )

It melts !

A basic Japanese breakfast, isn’t it ? Miso soup, rice, seaweed and an egg. That’s just a different styling…

You wondered ? That’s delicious. Really, that’s the stinky boiled kale that I had issues with. This ways, that’s a great fresh tasting cabbage.